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I have to declare an interest. I once was a Community Health Council Chief Officer.  I left to manage services but I like to think that what I learned in those three years made me a better manager. CHCs were made up of local people nominated by the Council, voluntary sector and regional health authority. Their duty was to received complaints and advocate for the patient, to visit local services and to examine and comment on planned changes in NHS services. As with all services the best were very good but there were a few less effective. Rather than raise […]
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It is good to hear the Labour Party speak of repealing the Health and Social Care Act 2012 but so far they have not said that they will change section 2. That is the governance of Clinical Commissioning Groups. We have seen CCGs, General Practitioners whose skills and interests lie with treating patients reluctantly coming to terms with their responsibilities. We should be concerned as to their interests. It is no criticism of individuals that the structure makes the members of CCGs accountable only to GP members. They are only required to consult and inform the public and patients groups. […]
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