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I am the founder of financentic My work has been featured in cool places like The Huffington Post, and tweakyourbiz, growmap etc. .My real-world experiences allow my articles to speak to readers on a personal level. Formality is great, but readability and engagement is the most important factor in my writing. I love helping, and that translates to articles that inspire and guide. Also contributes on weekly basis at hulkuscFollow me on Twitter.

Healthcare technology continues to evolve and impress us every year. This year won’t be any exception. Innovations in patient monitoring devices hope to improve both care given to patients and the manner care is provided. It also aims to improve prognosis and quality of life. Here are the latest innovations in patient monitoring devices.   NHS England Explores More Patient Monitoring Solutions Just November of last year, the UK National Health Service started working with Reliq Health, a company that creates telemedicine and mobile health products for community-based care. The goal is to explore different remote patient monitoring solutions and […]
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