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Official figures issued this summer highlighted the increasing rates of Type 2 diabetes in the UK, and the growing share of the NHS budget which it consumes. And since the poorest people are twice as likely to suffer Type 2 diabetes and its complications, this is also an issue which should concern all of us. The figures, I’d like to suggest, are just the latest warning sign of a continuing public health disaster which began in 1984. This was the year in which the Department of Health issued the first-ever governmental dietary guidelines for the population at large (not counting […]
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Making equality work – a ‘huge’ little book to show you how A new book Making Equality Work has been welcomed by leaders in the NHS as well as equality campaigners and practitioners. It sets out why equality matters, suggests why organisations fail at it, and – more importantly – provides a clear way forward on what to do about it, particularly in the context of the National Health Service. It has been described as an essential guide for those who want to bring about real change in their organisations and a roadmap to enable this. Chief Executive of NHS […]
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