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Can I appeal to everyone, individuals and organisations, to get solidly behind the judicial review as loudly and forcefully as possible. I’d like to see all of us highlighting and publicising the judicial review in our various communications and campaigns. We are trying in Wirral. If the review succeeds entire awful council/CCG edifices of pooling and dissembling come tumbling. If the review doesn’t raise the required £18k we’re all doomed no matter how vocal our local and national campaigns! Come on! The price of a few glasses of wine/beer/flat white. Cheers Kevin Donovan

Dear chums As you may have heard the Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has announced that it wants to close five local NHS clinics because Wirral residents “were confused about where to get help with urgent care”. The CCG, which is the local arm of NHS England, says it wants to “move care closer to home”. Are YOU confused? Will YOUR care be closer to home if they close centres which are used by THOUSANDS of Wirral residents every week of the year? Eastham Clinic; Victoria Central, Wallasey; Miriam Medical Centre, Birkenhead; Parkfield Medical Centre, New Ferry; Moreton Medical Centre […]
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On 7thAugust The Guardian published a major story on the theme of the billions of pounds of NHS contracts going to Richard Branson. The following day there was only one letter on the subject – from Virgin – saying that the saintly Richard has been misrepresented, that he loved the NHS and, if he ever made money from health, it would all go back to the NHS. A letter in response to the original news item remains unpublished. This is what it said: Your headline (Virgin awarded almost £2bn of NHS contracts in the past five years, 6 July 2018) […]
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