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FINAL DETAILS – PLEASE COME VERY EARLY Saving the NHS: Planning Our Fightback Sunday 23rd September, 10.45 – 12.45 organised by Health Campaigns Together and NEON. Venue: Black E (sometimes described as Liverpool’s third cathedral) at 1 Great George St, Liverpool L1 5EW This is part of a series of events, alongside the Labour Party Conference, organised by The World Transformed. We plan a lively session that asks participants to think forward and think strategically. Speakers include John Lister from HCT, Public Matters, National Nurses United, Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital, Wigan Outsourcing Campaign, Socialist Health Association, Just Treatment. See […]
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1. The government has misrepresented data and continues to lie about the 7 day NHS. A 7 day 24 hour emergency NHS already exists. Our staffing levels are already at the brink. We will damage care if we stretch 5 days elective (non-emergency services) into 7 days. We need more funding, more doctors, more nurses, more porters, lab staff and other healthcare professionals.  2. The safeguards built into this new contract are inadequate. There is a financial incentive for hospitals to overwork already tired doctors, as it is cheaper to do this and pay fines than hire extra staff (locums) to cover the large staffing […]
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