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MASS TESTING PROGRAMMES FOR COVID 19 USING NOVEL TESTS SITUATION Last week [November 9th] the government proudly announced a major expansion of the UK s testing programme to provide rapid access testing of asymptomatic people for COVID 19 [1]. They claimed this programme was : – a“ vital tool to help control this virus and get life back to normal “ a partnership between national Test and Trace and local public health directors ‘ to develop the evidence base on how testing with rapid reliable COVID-19 tests can be delivered at scale Liverpool has nearly completed a two -week “pilot” […]
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(arising from member policy day held on 18/6/16 in Birmingham) AUTHORS: Val Little and Jacky Chambers Improving the health of our people and the health of the poorest fastest is a cornerstone of the socialist programme. Improving health requires policy intervention across a range of traditionally silo policy areas – it is a cross-cutting theme. Example: Tackling the hazard to health posed by air pollution Outdoor air pollution is a major hazard to health (causes an estimated 40,000 deaths a year, increased lung and heart disease, risks to the baby in the womb and lifelong damage to the lung function of exposed1i). […]
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