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Alice Peterson, (2019) If you were Here, London, Simon and Schuster   This is a novel around Huntington’s Disease (HD).  That in itself is a rarity.  Readers may wonder if a novel on such a subject can work. Central to the plot are three women of different generations.  The first in grandmother, Peggy.  Her husband died of HD in the period before the book is set.  The next generation is Beth. Like her father she also died of HD.  However, her voice is important for the plot through her diary.  The youngest is Beth’s daughter and Peggy’s granddaughter Florence, known […]
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Jo Marchent: (2016) , Edinburgh, Canongate Books The obvious thing about the NHS is that it is in a mess. Underfunding has driven it to crisis point. Part of the crisis is the way that the administrators have come up with thousands of ways of solving the problems on a shoestring. Reorganisations, restructurings and reconfigurations seem to flow in a continuous stream. Meanwhile we all still need to solve our health problems. In ordinary times, we apply a mix of common sense, medical science and mysticism. Common sense has guided us around thousands of decisions. It has also long told us […]
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