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As a campaigner for a healthier Britain, I’m delighted at the focus on sugar consumption but there’s still a lot of confusion.   So much of our sugar consumption slips under the radar or is categorised as ‘good sugar’ and ‘bad sugar’.   Now the term ‘free sugar’ is being used more and more in order to more clearly educate shoppers so that they can make better choices. But what does free sugar mean? Free sugars are the added sugars we have in our diet.  That’s not just the spoonfuls of white stuff we ladle into cups of tea or sprinkle over […]
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Why fill our hospitals with vending machines and Costa coffee shops when we are fighting a massive obesity epidemic? Sally Norton is a NHS consultant, specialising in weight loss and upper gastrointestinal surgery, on a crusade to put herself out of work by promoting healthier behaviour. At last, with health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s announcement of new measures being introduced to improve the standard of food in English hospitals, we may finally see better quality food in our hospitals. These changes will see hospitals ranked according to the quality and choice of the food they serve. They will hopefully provide some […]
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