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Integrated Care is the most recent re-naming of Accountable Care: the system currently being implemented in the NHS in England and which is derived from the US. This blog addresses issues arising from this implementation and whether or not Integrated Care is fit for public purpose. The narrative that comes from Westminster, echoed by parts of the media and even some campaigners, is that whilst cuts and closures, underfunding, understaffing and poor NHS management at the highest levels are all contributory factors to the problems the NHS faces, there is no overarching concern with Integrated Care itself. On the contrary, […]
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There are pressing reasons for understanding a bit about how our tax system works and very specifically what National Insurance is. NI is used as successive governments’ tax increase of choice because of a widespread and mistaken belief that it is a direct payment to the NHS. The Liberal Democrats had it in their 2017 manifesto, Gordon Brown put 1p on NI to ‘pay for’ the NHS, Frank Field (Labour) gave evidence on NI to the Lords Committee on the long-term sustainability of the NHS and his website says he is working on this issue with Oliver Letwin(Conservative) and he wants to restore a ‘something […]
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It is tempting to join in the general hilarity of the Prime Minister’s speech to the Tory Party Conference, portrayed at large as Carry On Up the Conference! TM: (coughs and is offered a cough drop) Chancellor: Have one of these! TM: Don’t mind if I do! TM: Oh dearie me, I can’t talk and suck at the same time! Cut to shot of conference delegates and gales of canned laughter. But the day before the speech the headlines shrieked, ‘Up to 8,000 deaths every year may be caused by rising bed-blocking’. And the day after, we have the grim […]
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