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The title of the new GP contract is “ Investment and evolution: A five- year framework for GP contract reform to implement the NHS Long Term Plan.” 31.1.19 (Framework) The main aim of NHS England’s ‘NHS Long Term Plan’ 7.1.19 (LTPlan) is to establish Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) throughout England by 2021. And for these to evolve into Integrated Care Providers (ICPs) (Ps 29 – 31 LTPlan) ICSs and ICPs were previously called Accountable Care Systems (ACSs) and Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs). It was against the latter that Judicial Reviews were fought by NHS campaigners from 2017. In January 2018, […]
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Simon Stevens, the new chief executive of NHS England, former President of global health at UnitedHealth, a large US health corporation, proposed the Five Year Forward View in October 2014. Five Year Forward View is written in code, to give the impression that it is in favour of sustaining the NHS according to its founding principles and merely wants to make it more financially sustainable. Closer scrutiny reveals a five year plan to impose “new care models” ( NCMs), inspired by the US health market. These would replace our current GP surgeries, District General Hospitals ( DGHs) and tertiary care. The plan […]
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