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  The events of 2015 proved that the British left needs a fundamental intellectual re-set. In less than six months, mainstream social democratic ideas were rejected twice over, with Ed Miliband’s bitter general election defeat and Jeremy Corbyn’s victory over the traditional centre left. 19 years after Tony Blair’s first election victory, it is the end of the road for a political project that began in the dark days of 1983. This crisis is not unique to Britain, however. All over Europe the centre left is struggling to define a new creed, in the face of unprecedented economic dislocation and […]
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To succeed over the next 10 years,the National Health Service must also be a local health service. A public service dedicated to the health and wellbeing of every person in England cannot be run as a bureaucratic offshoot of Whitehall. Instead, success will depend on power and trust cascading downwards to local areas, NHS institutions, teams of professionals and to citizens. Autonomy matters because good services adapt, innovate and set their own direction, rather than just implementing instructions from elsewhere: achieving excellence is an intrinsic, internal process of learning and experimentation. And autonomy enables institutions and individuals to collaborate in […]
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