SHA Cymru fully supports the actions of the First Minister and the Welsh Government in their management of the current crisis resulting from COVID 19. During this time SHA officers have had opportunities to meet with a number of Welsh Ministers. We have been impressed with the sheer amount of work they are undertaking and by the collegiate and thoughtful style they have adopted.
The decision-making process has been clear, evidenced based, and methodical. It stands in sharp contrast to the vacillation of the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. We take some confidence from this that Wales and its people will emerge from the pandemic knowing that the Welsh Government, using scientific evidence available to them at the time, aimed to reduce further significant loss of lives and huge damage to the Welsh economy.

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  1. Alan Rogers says:

    The response of the Welsh Government to the pandemic is in marked contrast to that of the UK government in England.
    The Welsh Government response has been consistent and clearly thought through.
    Communication with the people of Wales has been thorough, honest and timely. It trusted the people of Wales and overwhelmingly the people of Wales responded.
    It is clear that in Wales no commercial influences have been involved and the use of local government resources to manage testing have proved to be more reliable than the use by the UK Government of expensive private sector start-up businesses which made huge demands on the public purse and proved to be wanting. We will have to pay our share of this mistake eventually.
    My congratulations to the Welsh Government on its handling of the pandemic.
    My admiration and gratitude goes the Welsh National Health Service which has risen to this immense challenge magnificently.
    Alan Rogers

  2. Maureen Erdwin says:

    Respect given to Welsh government and its people and thank you, Alan Rogers for what you have written here.

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