Scientists and health experts believe that the government should examine a range of new antiviral technologies while planning their lockdown exit strategy.

They say that there are at least half a dozen such technologies and strategies that could be combined to help make any exit strategy more effective – and help avoid a second peak in Covid-19 infections and deaths.

Potentially useful technologies include newly-developed anti-surface-contamination products, virucidal face masks, and new ultraviolet light and virus-detection ioniser systems.

Health experts believe that plans should immediately be formulated to commission the manufacture and supply of a range of vital equipment that would be needed in order to deploy those technologies – some as part of an exit strategy and others to prevent a potential second pandemic wave later this year.

“Each technology and strategy is capable of helping to reduce the transmission of coronavirus – but by deploying a range of them, as part of an integrated coordinated national anti-viral program, the impact would almost certainly be much greater,” said Professor Kevin Bampton, the chief executive of the British Occupational Hygiene Society, which represents 1,600 UK professionals involved in disease prevention and health security in factories, offices and other workplaces throughout Britain.

The full report can be found published on the INDEPENDENT here

Posted by Jean Smith with the permission of the author.

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  1. ron marsden says:

    It would appear that the only thing that works against corona virus is soap and water.consequently would giving patients soap and water thru a nebulizer have any effect? My mother said that during the 1919 Flu epidemic that her father made them take FENNINGS’FEVER CURE. i understand that this medication is no available. i think that it contained a weak solution of carbolic acid .In the 19th century carbolic was used in drinks of aerated water. Also,it was use against irritation of the larynx . I think that this could be of interest to the medical profession . I don,t want to be viewed in the same category as Trump.Ron Marsden

  2. Cicely24 says:

    Hi Ron – as someone living with asthma, my personal talisman for prevention/minimisation of COVID effects in addition to face-mask, as much distancing as possible, and the hand-washing strategy is to stick my head over a bowl of very hot steam every single night inhaled via nose rather than mouth and also to inhale weak saline (medical) through a home-purchased nebuliser unit to help break up any mucus that may be forming. A talisman and all baloney I’m sure but I’d like to see if there’s any scientific rationale for it in terms of limiting the impact of COVID, or any advice about possible harm of dong this. I’m not saying that I feel protected or would do riskier things because of it, it’s just an adjunct.

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