Only 4 candidates sent personal statements for the SHA.

Angela Rayner Statement

Keir Starmer Statement

Richard Burgon’s Short statement for the Socialist Health Association

Rosena Allin-Khan Statement

Here are the links to the candidates profiles on the Labour Party website.

Rebecca Long-Bailey( personal leadership weblink)

Rebecca Long-Baily ( Labour Party website profile)

Lisa Nandy ( personal leadership weblink)

Lisa Nandy ( Labour Party website profile )

Keir Starmer

Rosena Allin-Khan

Richard Burgon

Dawn Butler

Ian Murray

Response to an SHA representative’s question at a Husting’s

At a packed meeting last night in Oxford Rebecca Long-Baily

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  1. Teresa Steele says:

    Richard Burgon is the most passionate I believe.

  2. Sir Keir Starmer has already been endorsed by the SHA but how can his statement be taken at face value? If he wants unity, he will be accepting views from the hard right of the party. Some people on the right have played an active role in sabotaging the prospects of the Labour Party, so why does Sir Keir value their input? There are so many questions raised by his candidacy that one wonders what will happen in April. Obviously, all the Labour candidates have their merits, and the SHA has its autonomy, but it seems unfair to have a link to a ‘husting’s’ which seeks to undermine RLB, especially when this ostensibly socialist blog has form in this regard.

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