“One more term of Tory government after this should be enough to see off the NHS.  It will not collapse overnight and Ministers will not announce is abolition.  Rather, it will go the way of dental services, where more and more practioners went private until, in some areas, it has become almost impossible to find an NHS dentist.

In a few days, a doctor’s conference will debate a motion calling on the British Medical Association to consider how GPs “can  be supported……………within a private, alternative model”. Nothing may come of this motion. and doctors  won’t walk out en masse.  But some time over the next few years, without anybody really noticing, significant numbers of GPs will start to charge for at least some services.  The numbers will grow, as will the charges.   The NHS will not die with a bang but fade away with a whimper.”

Peter Wilby – New Statesman 3-9 November 2017

This warning must act as a challenge to ensure our precious NHS receives adequate support and funding

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  1. Anon says:


    Not almost impossible to find an NHS dentist in some areas, actually impossible to find one.

  2. rotzeichen says:

    The simple truth is, that the only way to get our NHS back is to get a Labour Government, that is the only way.

    People do not understand that Lansley abolished the NHS under his bill, they were also careful to make sure the so called health secretary is no longer responsible for it.

    People need to tell all their family members just what these Tories have done to our country and the NHS,

    They are selling the very ground from beneath our feet, it really is time for people to wake up.

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