When a loved one or you is elderly, various old age problems can appear. It is quite common to see a highly increased reliance on other people and mobility is often reduced. Various day to day struggles appear and independence aids are not going to be enough in so many cases. You can always get personal loans now but there are also other options to take into account. The great news is there are different available grants. The bad news is that most people are not aware of them. This is why you need to learn about the following accessibility grants that are available for the elderly and the disabled.

Government Grants

Disabled Facilities Grants are aimed to help many more than those that have lifelong disabilities. It is also available when health problems appear because of old age. If you qualify for the payout, the scheme is going to offer the money needed to modify the home, thus increasing accessibility and increasing life quality. As an example, you can install grab bars and hand rails in your home or add simple to use electrical equipment. In England you can receive a maximum of £30,000.

Age Concern Elderly Grants

Age Concern (now known as Age UK) is a respectable national charity offering support and help for older citizens. Various grant schemes are available, offering services and funding at local levels. The main aim is for those that are in twilight years. The grants will not be available for groups of people or individuals through Age Concern. They are offered through local partners. When you need support, the best thing you can do is contact the local partner to see what help is provided where you live. Emailing Age Concern is also a possibility.

British Red Cross

When there is a need for support or homecare through mobility aids, British Red Cross should be considered. It is a charity that will not offer monetary support but free services are available so that day to day challenges become lower. This includes:

  • Home support – Possible through an UK volunteer program offering physical aid and emotional aid to those coming out of the hospital or that need extra care with the goal to avoid hospital admission.
  • Mobility aids – British Red Cross gives you access to mobility aids short term loans like ramps, commodes, bath seats and wheelchairs. This obviously helps you to improve your life and avoid being stuck in your home. Even simple tasks can be tough to complete when affected by disability problems.
  • Transportation support – You can receive transport support, making it a lot easier to go to the hospital for appointments. Trained escorts are available when needed and you can avoid costly taxi fares, making transportation much more affordable.

The UK gives you access to numerous help options when you struggle with independence and cannot afford the costly equipment to perform day to day operations. The government accessibility grants should be your first considered option but the other opportunities highlighted are also great.

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