Volunteers needed for an exciting national public history project!

Are you interested in people?  Are you a good listener?  Would you like to play a part in creating a shared national story of the NHS?

NHS at 70 will capture the stories and artefacts of those who worked for and were cared for by this unique institution, creating a digital archive of NHS history.

  • We are looking for volunteers to develop oral history skills and collect stories about the NHS from members of the public in Greater Manchester.
  • You will receive professional oral history training, a chance to develop research skills and the opportunity to hear first-hand these remarkable stories from local communities.

The NHS 70th anniversary in 2018 is a perfect opportunity to celebrate its past and reflect on its present and future. Since 1948 the NHS has had a central place in everyday British life. Created to provide free and universal access to healthcare, it shapes the experiences of birth, life, health, sickness and death for the majority of the public and is also the UK’s largest employer.

NHS 1948 Informational Leaflet

NHS 1948 Informational Leaflet

We are supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and partners include: Age UK, Mental Health Foundation, Rethink Mental Illness, Stroke Association, NHS England, NHS Confederation and the TUC.   

Contact us to get involved or find out more.

Email:  nhs70@manchester.ac.uk

Telephone:  0161 275 0560


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  1. De says:

    Once more the rally call “From the cradle to the grave” is made but did anyone in a responsible position ever say that?
    I think that most contributors thought it had been said, but I believe it was only a political asseveration and never a firm promise. However someone took the contributions and are not willing to keep their word I call that fraud,don’t you?

    1. Stephanie Snow says:

      On 21 March 1943 Winston Churchill gave a speech on a Four Year Plan for England that was broadcast on the BBC. It covered post-war national reconstruction and he advocated his support of national compulsory insurance “for all classes, for all purposes, from the cradle to the grave”. See full speech at: http://www.ibiblio.org/pha/policy/1943/1943-03-21a.html

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