Yet another important figure in the health world adds to the concerns expressed by many others about the serious  situation facing NHS England this coming winter. Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents all health service organisations, said that there was “an even greater sense of foreboding” this year than last.

His comments came as figures revealed that the number of the most critically ill patients waiting more than an hour for an ambulance has doubled in a year.

Mr Dickson writes “A cash injection at this stage is unlikely to solve the winter pressures, but the chancellor must revisit the pencilled in figures for 2018-19 and 2019-20, which if left as they are, would guarantee more crises and further delays to the reforms that are needed. Mr Dickson added “there has also not been enough investment in community health and social care services”!.

Many health professionals are now facing dire problems resulting from insufficient funding and the government must be held accountable for the inevitable consequences.

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  1. rotzeichen says:

    “His comments came as figures revealed that the number of the most critically ill patients waiting more than an hour for an ambulance has doubled in a year.”

    How much longer are we to tolerate the absurdity that pretends that the NHS is undergoing reform, when the whole process of fragmentation and underfunding is designed to transfer the NHS into private hands and profit seekers.

    Just as a rider, I have produced information on this very site as far back as 2014 showing the levels of distress deliberate underfunding has caused to the ambulance service and risks to life, and whilst Nero fiddles Rome has burned.

    The NHS has been stuffed to the gunnels with Tory Neo-Liberal staffers hell bent on transferring the NHS into the arms of American Health Companies, the “Accountable Care Organisations” being the self same principle that will be easily transferable as they are constructed along American lines.

    After Tories telling us they aren’t privatising the NHS, What sane person actually believes that?

  2. Alan Rogers says:

    The NHS spends over £20 million per year in England and £1.3 million per year in Wales on religious care. The cost of this could and should be met by organised religion through a charitable trust but neither the Tories in England or Labour in Wales have the courage to ask that this be done… and neither will give an honest answer to the questions “Why is it impossible or unthinkable to fund hospital chaplains by charity?” -” If it is OK to fund Air Ambulance Services, Children’s Hospices and Cancer Support Services by charity why not religious care?”

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