Addiction is grindingly hard on friends, family and those suffering from addiction themselves. Here are four things you can do to help those suffering from addiction to face their demons and get the help they so desperately need.



To help those suffering from addiction, hear their call for help in the first place. Many times we would simply rather put up blinders, behaving as though this addiction isn’t even real, doesn’t exist, or isn’t our problem.

If the person who could benefit from rehab is a close friend or family member, her or his addictive behavior is just as much your problem as hers or his. Get your friend or family member to open up to you; begin a dialogue that starts with you listening. No judgments; just get the addicted person to begin talking to you. Hear what she or he has to say.


Have empathy for the addict’s plight. Even if the situation is completely of his or her own doing, judgments and blame have no place in the road to recovery. Open dialogue, empathy, and candor are the best ways to establish trust with your loved one seeking the shelter of rehab.

Even if the addiction is “manageable” at point you intervene, the addict must begin the journey to recovery as soon as possible.  Perhaps the biggest key to success in rehab is early intervention.


Be responsive. Helping someone get into rehab and being successful at it takes hard work. You need to be the point of contact for this person; if she or he is slipping, then chances are the addict does not have a very firm footing in place. But even with loved ones nearby, you may be the pivotal person to marshal them all together so that the addict who needs the help and support is sure to get it when it is needed.


Get the addict checked into the right facility. Beachway Therapy Center is one of the best facilities in Florida. Even if you’re traveling a distance, make sure your friend or loved one is in the right place where he or she can get the right help.

You can learn more about what their rehab center can offer here. By taking your rehab efforts into overdrive at the very end you may avoid the very real possibility of seeing the addict slide backwards. No one wants to wonder “what if” after it’s already too late.

Do your homework. Partner with other friends who all have one goal in common; getting your friend, family member or loved one the help needed as rapidly as possible. Just because a challenge is difficult doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile. If you need to speak with someone about getting help for a loved one, don’t delay! Time’s a fleeting mistress for us all.

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