If you have family or friends who are wheelchair users, then you understand the importance of your home and car being adapted to accommodate their needs. Vehicle and buildings that are not welcoming for wheelchair users and those how have mobility problems can really negatively impact on their everyday lives. It is important that you are able to make the necessary changes needed to ensure that those with disabilities feel comfortable both in their own cards and in other people’s cars too. While making the necessary changes to transform your car into a wheelchair accessible vehicle for those most in need you will find that the investment is very much worthwhile in the long run.

Hand controls

Should someone find it difficult to use standard car pedals for acceleration or braking, it is possible to introduce hand controls in the form of a push/pull device. This allows you to control the speed of your car with your hands. There are various hand controls available out there and they tend to offer the same sort of service across multiple car models.

Electronic accelerators

Those with limited mobility in their legs could find it beneficial to have different electronic accelerators installed to assist them with speed control of an automobile. From a trigger accelerator where you can pull with your finger to accelerate or push away to activate the break to a ghost ring accelerator that is fitted behind the steering wheel and allows you to control the speed with side to side finger movements, there is an option out there for everyone.

Steering aids

Another modification that could come in handy for those looking to make their car more accessible for wheelchair users is a steering aid. This helps if you have difficulty holding onto or turning the steering wheel and offers multiple ways in which you can gain a better control of the car.

Remote controls

Remote control devices are ideal if you are looking to make activating certain car controls that much more easy. From indicators to headlights and so on, remote controls will make operating a car that much more easy. These can also incorporate to accommodate the steering wheel too so that all steering and car operations can be done at once.

Those who use wheelchairs should be able to rely on a method of transportation that accommodates them easily. Cars and vans that offer enough space for wheelchairs have changed greatly in recent years and new features have been introduced that offer maximum comfort and ease of access for those who need it most. Keep an eye out for vehicles that are tested to high standards should you choose to buy a vehicle that already comes pre-altered for wheelchair users. From those that offer lightweight ramps to those that have maximum interior accommodation for wheelchairs to be strapped into place while the automobile is in motion, there are numerous expert companies out there that will be able to help you find the best solution for your needs.

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