Plastic surgery is not a new practice. It has been around for more than 2000 years, with historical medical documents attesting its presence in various areas from around the globe. Although the majority of interventions are related to repairing and reconstructing tissues that were damaged by accidents or diseases, in the past decades there has been an emerging trend focusing on aesthetic plastic surgery.

With the use of aesthetic plastic surgery, both men and women can choose to transform certain parts of their body that they feel are not aesthetically pleasing enough. Although there are slight differences between trends when it comes to age, social status, and location, the biggest differences come when we analyze the gender of the patients, source: blog.

Trends Among Female Populations

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation has become the 2nd most popular surgical procedure. More than 320k women chose to augment their breasts over the course of last year.

In terms of procedure, 305k women opted for implants while 18k women opted for fat transfers from a different part of the body.

Out of all the conducted breast implants, 85% were done with silicone gel while the remaining 15% were done with saline implants. Given the malleability of silicone gel, women were given the choice between shaped implants and round implants. Only 12% of all women chose to have a specific shape for their new breast implants.

Overall, the breast augmentation procedure has seen a 7% rise from the previous year.

A higher increase in popularity, although with a considerably smaller number of patients, is held by breast lifts. With a 12% increase and 148,967 patients, breast lifts have, for the first time in aesthetic plastic surgery history, secured a place in the top 5 surgical procedures.

Thanks to medical advancements, women looking to change the size of their breasts have access to breast implant explanation. 38,071 women chose to either upgrade or downsize their already-implanted breasts.

Trends Among Male Populations

The number of men who opt for aesthetic plastic surgery is on the rise thanks to the decrease in social stigma. Hundreds of thousands of men have opted for at least one form of plastic surgery in the past year.

According to data published by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, male breast reduction procedures are up by 26%. In numbers, 30,464 men opted for this procedure, as a form of treatment for the effects of gynecomastia.

An increasing trend has been observed in nonsurgical skin tightening procedures as well, with 47,329 men choosing to trim off some of the fat from areas of their body. Most the procedures were against jowls fat, submental fat, and waist fat (“love handles”). Thanks to the increasing number of male patients, nonsurgical skin tightening procedures have gained the number 5 spot on the top aesthetic plastic surgery procedures list.

Similar to previous years, liposuction continues to reign at the number 1 spot when it comes to aesthetic plastic surgery among male populations. Maintaining this position is widely attributed to the larger variety of surgical procedures, coupled with the decreased downtime and increased number of less-invasive maneuvers.

Another top spot is held by injectable procedures. Almost 600 thousand men opted for a type of injectable procedure. The most popular procedure was Botulinum Toxin injections, which accounted for 438,513 of the total number of procedures. The rest of the men, 159,052 to be specific, chose to inject hyaluronic acid in the past year.

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