The website announces yearly food blogger award to promote the country’s best food bloggers! is a huge success in providing the best deals on products and services available online. The deals and offers are guaranteed to be up-to-date. Each voucher is assured to be valid and authentic. Our team has been working with the best and the most reputable companies to provide our clients better service.

In line with our accomplishments, we created our Blog Awards wherein we recognize the best in digital talent. We acknowledge the immense effort that is invested into creating insightful blogs. The commitment and creativity that is devoted by each blogger are truly remarkable. It is a fact that blogging, with proper exposure, can become an influential tool especially in the business world. Blogging has come a long way since it was introduced in the late 90’s. Blogging is now used by millions which gives the bloggers and its readers the confidence to trust especially when it talks about brands. gives recognition to different blogs in the Philippines. With our Philippine Blog Awards, we put the country’s best bloggers in the spotlight. Monetary prize is given to winning and worthy bloggers. This year, we started our Food Blog Awards wherein we have 23 qualified nominees and winners will be announced in less than a month. Our food blog award is such an achievement on our part that we decided to make it an annual event. Our awards category does not only end there. We also created categories such as food blogs, travel blogs, fitness blogs and tech blogs. Recognition is also given to mommy bloggers by creating a top list for mommy blogs in the Philippines.

We are happy to announce that our company is present in 14 countries worldwide. And we are one of the biggest independent code sites here in the Philippines. You can see where we operate on our voucher code website.

We believe that blogging is the future. Philippine bloggers possess the best talent and creativity in writing and we believe that Filipino bloggers will have a lot of influence in the near future. We wanted to give importance in building a quality relationship with our Filipino bloggers. We are more than willing to extend our hand to promote Philippine blogs internationally. We acknowledge the hard work and dedication of each writer and we will do our best to help any blogger gain international recognizance.

Any enthusiastic Filipino blogger may join our awards.

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