There appears to be a new trend sweeping through America at the moment and that is of cosmetic surgery procedures being offered up as gifts for those who are graduating. While it is of course an individual’s choice to undergo cosmetic surgery, what is most worrying is that fact that procedures are becoming to be offered up to an increasingly younger audience as the years go by. So, just why is cosmetic surgery such an appealing option for new graduates?

Time to heal

A patient not only needs time to prepare for their surgery but they also need time to allow their body to heal afterwards. The reason why so many graduates feel that the best time to go under the knife is during this period is because there are typically between two and three months between when high school ends and college begins. These months offer an optimum period of time for students to get healthy and heal after undergoing surgery. Getting surgery at this time also means that students feel that they are able to reinvent themselves and have a boost of self-confidence before moving on to the next part of their lives.

Breast implants

Among one of the most popular graduation cosmetic procedures being chose by young people is the desire for breast implants. Many youngsters have claimed to have spent their teenage years feeling insecure about their bust size which is why breast implants have been chosen as being a way to increase confidence levels. It is important to remember that this procedure is invasive and should be carefully considered as it is a lifelong commitment. Breast implants also have to be replaced every 15 years of so, so their condition will need to be monitored.

Facial surgical procedures

Some of the next most popular types of post-graduation cosmetic procedures to be undertaken are those that involve altering something on the face. From face lifts, to eyelid shaping and rhinoplasty, facial procedures are some of the most desirable forms of body modification. Again, the main aim of facial procedures among graduates is in a bid to improve levels of self-esteem and the fear of being judged on appearance when applying for work etc.

Not just one for the female audience

While it tends to be assumed that it is only women that are seeking to change their appearance after graduating, this is proving to not always be the case. More and more male students are asking for surgery gift certificates for their graduation presents. In the last five years men have undergone more than 100% more cosmetic procedures than before, which is very telling. The pressure to look a certain way and the hunt for improved self-confidence is also something that extends to the male market too.

What about the UK?

Will this trend continue on to other parts of the world? This has yet to be seen, although with the rise in the number of people undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures ongoing, it is not unlikely! Currently we are experiencing more and younger people being influenced by the media and celebrities and many surgeons are claiming that the number of young people seeking surgery is on the increase. From lip enhancements to vaser lipo surgery in London, the demands for cosmetic surgery from a younger audience are not unusual. Time will tell before we can see if graduation cosmetic surgery gifts become something that we offer up our young graduates.

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