A long-term smoking habit is one of the most difficult things to kick, so where’s the best place start when you’re trying to put an end to your addiction? E Juices could be the answer.

E Juices come in countless flavours, ranging from blueberry to tobacco, and they can be easily inhaled through a vaporiser.

When you’re learning how to vape, it can be difficult to get a grasp of E Liquids. Whether it’s figuring out what nicotine levels you need to equate to how much you smoke a day or discovering how to use your device, vaping may seem different at first, but it’s certainly a lifestyle change for the better.

In this guide, discover everything you need to know as a beginner about E Liquids/E Juices and how to start vaping.

Why vaping is a better alternative to smoking?

When you’re attempting to quit smoking for good, vaping now has arguably become the second step for many people. This is because vaping instead of smoking tobacco offers several benefits – check out some of them here:

Fewer Chemicals

One of the brilliant things about E Liquid is that it doesn’t contain the likes of ammonia and tar, materials that can lead to cancer, which cigarettes have in them.

Despite the fact that there are chemicals in E Liquids, the ones included are still considerably healthier than a whopping 4,000 chemicals contained in tobacco cigarettes.

No second-hand smoke

Smoking cigarettes is not only harmful on your body, but it can harm others too.

It was recently stated that passive smoking was the most common cause for asthma in kids, showing what a detrimental effect it can have on those around you. As well as children, the elderly are another group most in danger of second hand smoking.

Cigarettes release toxic chemicals, but E Liquids are nowhere near as harmful. Due to the lack of chemicals in E Liquids, the vapour doesn’t cause any threat to anyone within your vicinity.

Where to begin

When you first start vaping the mystique surrounding the various flavours and liquids can be both exciting and difficult to understand.

One of the best places to begin is by purchasing an e-cigarette starter kit. It comes with everything you will need such as a chargeable battery pack, a range of some of best E Liquid flavours for you to try out and the e-cigarette model itself.

Choosing your ideal E Liquid flavour can be made a lot easier by buying several liquids that come in small quantities in flavours such as peppermint, coffee and chocolate, so you can acquire a taste for which E Liquids tickle your fancy most.

Choosing the right strength for you

When you’re quitting smoking, and purchasing your vaping starter kit, the next stage is to consider what nicotine strength you want your E liquid to be. If you’re looking to get healthy then it’s important to choose a nicotine level that equates to your current smoking consumption.

So say for example you smoke just a few cigarettes a day, to satisfy your smoking habit you’d require a liquid with a strength of 12mg. For those who have a more serious habit, say 20 cigarettes a day, then you’d be more inclined to go for 24mg strength. This is the highest strength you can purchase.

Over time, as you continually get used to vaping, you can lower the strength of the E Liquid you’re using so ultimately you can give up your nicotine addiction all together.

Vaping is not only popular for former smokers, but for those that have never smoked too. For this particular group, there are E Liquids available that have no nicotine in them whatsoever.

Vaping isn’t as much hard work as you’d think, in fact it’s very straightforward. It’s important to remember that E Liquids are not the answer to putting an end to your nicotine addiction, but there’s no disputing that they are a much healthier alternative.

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  1. Clutter says:

    Suggesting that non-smokers might like to vape 0% nicotine e-liquid is likely to encourage the anti-e-cig campaigners who like to claim that vaping is a gateway to using nicotine and smoking other substances.

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