In recent years there has been a growing understanding of just how essential sleep is in order for us to live healthy and active lives.

This has led to an entire industry of sleep scientists and bed retailers all seeking to find new ways of helping us achieve that mythical eight-hours sleep. But what is it that sleep does that’s so essential to our well-being?


Physical benefits

When sleeping our bodies carry out essential maintenance in everything from repairing blood vessels to regenerating damaged skin cells. And such is the power of this activity, that those suffering from sleep deprivation have been shown to also be afflicted with ailments like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

As children we need plenty of sleep in order to sustain healthy growth and development, and with recent research that shows that sleep can influence obesity levels, it’s clear that we are only just starting to understand how our sleeping habits can affect our physical lives.

Mental effects

We also need plenty of sleep in order for our brain to operate properly through the daytime. Although there is still a lot of debate over the function of dreaming, it’s been suggested that this activity could play a large part in helping us process and form memories.

Adequate amounts of sleep are also essential in order for us to control our emotions and stave off feelings of anxiety and depression. 

Behavioural impact

Anybody who has suffered a poor night’s sleep will know just how hard it is to do even the most basic of tasks the following day. This is because the amount of sleep we get can govern our reaction times and productivity which has many worrying aspects if we are involved in any physical labour.

This is especially so as recent research has shown how the phenomenon of microsleeping could mean that many accidents have been caused as a result of mild sleep deficiency.

And above all, it shows how we need to do all we can to take advantage of any bed offers to ensure that we get enough sleep for our physical and mental well-being.

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