When you’ve been working in the same building every day for years, it’s easy to become immune to your surroundings.

All the clutter and mess taking over surfaces becomes part of the background, which means you’ll inevitably fail to see how unprofessional your business looks to outsiders.

Although this is understandable, it’s not a blissful state of ignorance you can let yourself slip into if you run a medical centre.

The consequences of poor space management

A cramped and shambolic practice doesn’t only create an inefficient workplace for your employees. It’s also likely to give potential patients a bad impression.

Every inch of your business, from the reception area to the waiting lounge and treatment rooms, should put them at ease and encourage trust. A tired, untidy and unorganised looking building isn’t going to accomplish that.

But when you can’t afford to start moving walls or adding extensions, how do you get rid of the clutter and transform your medical centre into an ordered, calm haven?

To give you a helping hand, we’re sharing three top space-saving tips for better utilising your current practice. Take a look.

#1: invest in proper file storage

Upholding records for your patients is one of your biggest responsibilities, and if you don’t look after them properly, files and paperwork will soon start to pile up. Eventually, they’ll eat up all the free space in your medical centre.

You can digitise records but, with cyber-security a major risk, training your staff to do this properly takes time and money.

Instead, invest in a state-of-the-art medical records storage solution from the experts at Invicta. They’ve installed mobile shelving in lots of healthcare practices, so they’ll work with your budget to create space-saving storage tailored to your specific needs.

#2: reconfigure room layouts

Reconfiguring room layouts is one of the cheapest ways to free up space and can make a big impact on the general atmosphere of your practice.

For example, think about entryways and whether sliding doors would improve their efficiency. And pay special attention to your waiting room, making sure that there’s adequate seating for your average number of patients (too many empty chairs is an unnecessary waste of space).

But before you start getting people to move heavy furniture around, use a space management app to visualise potential changes and new set-ups first. It’ll help you find the optimal layout quickly and with minimum hassle.

#3: involve your staff

Involving your team in your centre’s redesign is the perfect way to encourage good housekeeping practices all round. After all, once they see how much effort you’re putting into transforming their workplace, they’ll be happy to put in a little hard work themselves.

Just make sure you give them the tools they need to be able to maintain your strict cleanliness and hygiene standards, even in behind the scenes offices and admin areas.

For example, it’s not expensive to invest in cable management systems or letter trays to keep desks tidy. Likewise, providing them with cupboards or lockers for storing their coats and handbags (personal belonging instantly clutter up workstations) isn’t difficult to implement.

Take these three space-saving tips as your starting point and you won’t have to break the bank to get your medical practice in fighting shape.

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  1. rotzeichen says:

    This is yet another innuendo that the NHS needs advice from the private sector, well this short video explains just what the private sector can teach us.


    Jeremy Hunt using the most Opaque language possible to avoid people understanding the real objectives of Tory policy in health.

    Please circulate widely.

  2. delapole1 says:

    The CCGs are formed along insurance group lines they are the most radical step towards NHS Privatisation and Kaiser Permanante is just one of the many American Companies queueing up to make vast profits from the privatisation

  3. Roy Trevelion says:

    Boris, if you have clutter and mess taking over your work surfaces, you must deal with it. The general practice I go to are clean and efficient. Patients – like me – are happy with the publically owned National Health Service (NHS). The NHS is cheaper and more efficient, and produces better health outcomes, than your system.

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