Jeremy Hunt’s STPs – the sustainability and transformation plans – are”a massive top down reorganisation that is destroying England’s national health service.

Slash, Trash and Privatise is what the letters really stand for.  Hunt and his cheerleader Simon Stevens (director of NHS England) are getting away with murder. Even Margaret Thatcher didn’t dare to attack the NHS in the way they are doing.

They are breaking up our shared national service and putting it out to tender – this week Manchester put £6 billion of our NHS on the open market. They deliberately did this before the May elections to force the hand of the incoming Mayor. It is an absolute disgrace that government spin doctors present this as being good for the NHS.

Although many Labour councils have spoken out against the STPs – such as Liverpool and several London boroughs – most are rolling over and collaborating now that Hunt and Stevens have forced local NHS bodies to sign the STP contracts.

As a result many hospitals are under threat of being replaced by deskilled, community based services with fixed pre-set budgets: these are purposefully designed for privatisation and insurance funding.

The fixed budgets prevent flexible responses to need, as we are used to in the NHS. Top-up payments and insurance will become essential for those who can afford it – indeed they are already happening in many areas where cataract surgery and joint replacements are being rationed. The rest of us will have a second class public safety net as in the USA.

All Labour councillors and members of NHS bodies should do everything in their power to prevent the implementation of these sick plans. Theresa May claims to represent ordinary working families but she is destroying the health service they depend on.

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  1. Tony Jewell says:

    Remember when systematic Privatisation was a big risk (rather than creeping, and relatively small scale moves) the Labour pre election threat was to renationalise. This put off many companies and their shareholders. Time again to be resolute?

  2. Absolutely criminal, I cannot believe that WE are letting them get away with this. I’m fuming to the point of exploding. What in the name of God will it take to stop OUR NHS being sold off for profit, and all these Ministers have our best interests at heart. I think not, they all have interests in private care. You might as well beat yourself in the face with a club as vote for the Tories, not forgetting those in the Labour party who in the past condoned PFI’s under Mr Blair, that is an even bigger crime. We need socialism to bring back our NHS, our Railways and our Education.

    1. rotzeichen says:

      Absolutely agree Teresa, There is no other option but to renationalise our NHS through adopting the NHS Bill, which is ready and available once Labour is elected, and don’t believe the propaganda about Labour being way behind in the polls. When people are faced with more Austerity under the Tories I believe they will vote for the alternative.

  3. Thank you Alex Scott-Samuel for your writing and for others that have left their reply.
    It will make many think that if we were not accommodating so many that
    have in recent years arrived in our country receiving all the benefit it offers
    from welfare, education healthcare etc., we may never have been delivered
    to where we are going.
    I am very bitter and angry that I should have found myself in a position to be thinking and writing this, but seeing my own disabled son without welfare benefit and a health care system that does not ‘want’ to understand or accommodate his (and many others with a learning disability/autism) in
    particular but alright to denying the ill /disabled welfare benefit of DLA/PIP.
    I see people whom have in recent times arrived from other
    countries being catered for better, I feel so sorry for my father and grandfather, relatives and others giving of their selves to make a better country for the rest of us and I wonder just how much these other people will/would give of themselves for their new home country and how much of a stand they will take to save ‘their new, NHS heath care’ or perhaps feel subservient to whom ever governs this country, like it or not that is
    how we carers and disabled have been made to feel and arrived
    because no one or any political party has taken the stand for this
    countries disabled.

    1. Merry Cross says:

      You massively overestimate what those from abroad are eligible for when they come here, and underestimate what they give back. Blaming them in any way lets this vicious Government off the hook. It is the Tories who are destroying ALL our public services. No-one else.

    2. rotzeichen says:

      I’m truly sorry for the plight you find yourself in, but please don’t blame others who need help as you yourself do, and put the blame where it squarely belongs, and that is with the vile Tories who are deliberately destroying our NHS. They have taken £42 billion out of the NHS budget that is over a third of their budget. How do you think most people would cope if they suddenly lost a third of their income?

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