With the increasing rise in medical costs, more and more people are looking to the Internet for a cheaper solution. This is not to even mention the crisis that the health care system is in. If you are a working individual going to the doctor just isn’t worth it unless it a dire situation. With that being, the Internet can provide tons of low costing solutions, but there are things that you need to be aware of before just blindly purchasing medications online. Below, you will learn about the different risks that are involved with shopping for medications online.

Prices Can Change

The first thing that you need to be aware of is that sometimes the prices of online medication can change. Some pharmacy sites will post lowball prices just to pull you in, and when you are least expecting it they will raise the price. This is something that Canada Drugs pharmacies will definitely never do. All the prices listed on this site are up-to-date and accurate as possible.

Additional Fees

Along with the changing of the prices a lot of online pharmacies will charge you additional fees. For instance, there is probably going to be a shipping fee, which won’t be that substantial. However, there might also be a membership fee, which can cost a little more. This is a fee that sites charge just for setting up an account, so that you can order with them. Most sites are upfront about these types of fees, whereas there are some that are not, so this is something that you need to keep an eye on when shopping online.

Counterfeit Substances

Do you ever wonder why some online pharmacies are able offer such a lower price than legitimate pharmacies? A lot of times this is because they are selling you counterfeit medications. While the medication looks exactly the same it may not produce the same results. Both name brand and generic medications can be faked, which means that the medication may not contain all the ingredients that it normally would. It could also contain additional ingredients that could be harmful or even fatal to your health.

Don’t Safeguard Your Health

Online pharmacies do not know you medical history and there are a lot of them out there that don’t safeguard your health. If an online pharmacy is offering medications that require a prescription you probably want to stay away from this pharmacy. This is probably a good sign that they are selling counterfeit medications. Even if the medication isn’t counterfeit you should never buy prescription medication unless a licensed physician has prescribed it to you, because it could be harmful to you. Just because your neighbor took a certain type of antibiotic to clear up his illness it doesn’t necessarily means that the same medication will work wonders for you.

Protection Of Personal Information

Anytime you shop for anything online there is a chance that someone can get ahold of your credit card information. Websites are also not allowed to share your contact and billing information with other individuals or companies. This is why they post privacy policies guaranteeing that they won’t share your information. Most online transactions are usually secured through the use of some kind of encryption software, which prevents people from getting ahold of your personal and billing information. However, if a pharmacy is selling you fake or counterfeit medications then there is a good chance that they aren’t going to employ these kinds of tactics.

Be on the look out for any online pharmacy that does not offer privacy policies. This could be a good sign that they don’t care about protecting your information.  If you find your credit rating is not good you can get it repaired.

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  1. Clutter says:

    I think that if/when I’m told the Liothyronine I have to take daily is too expensive for my practice’s drug budget I will have to rely on friends and family buying it over the counter in Turkey or Greece or I will have to buy it online. I doubt that a medication costing €2-€3 for 100 x 25mcg is worth counterfeiting although the £258.20 for 28 x 20mcg in the UK may be.

    It’s very sad that some consultants have advised their patients to buy liver drugs online because NHS rationing means they cannot get the medication prescribed.

    1. Not all online drug companies are working without prescription, this one in article is only for clients who can provide prescription. Check it, it also has bulk option, which is very cheap.

      1. Clutter says:

        I have a NHS prescription which is exempt from prescription charges in the UK but Liothyronine is possibly going to be withdrawn from the list of meds which NHS can prescribe so I will need to source it without prescription.

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