The term ‘best sandal’ varies from person to person. It is subjected to personal preferences. But there are certain characteristics that every good flip-flop sandal possesses like durability and the design. Sandals are one of the oldest shoe designs in the market as per the research.
The market is filled with innumerable manufacturers each one promising to offer the highest quality. It makes difficult for the end consumers to choose the right one for them. Each sandal holds its own pros and cons. Some might offer high protection while the others would be visually appealing. Some might offer both the traits making it an ideal piece. Nevertheless, here are some reviews which might ease your purchasing process:

  • OluKai Ohana Sandal
    Many reviewers have voted this as being the best sandal of current time. The reason behind everyone likes this Olukai Sandals so much is there quality it offers. They are highly durable and comfortable in nature. Being a supportive sandal, the appearance is appealing as well. But it is relatively expensive. The manufacturers have made sure that sandal last a long time regardless of the situation you wear in. The sandal is worth the investment.
  • Reef Phatoms
    Costing only $33, the sandals managed to have a high rating. The sandals are produced to be a good fit maximizing the comfort levels. Offering high durability, there are almost no reports of the product breaking or wearing out. Surprisingly, Reef Phantoms are simple and stylish at the same time offering exceptional value to the users. Manufacturers have made sure that the users are served in the best manner.
  • Sanuk Yogi 3 Sandal
    This piece of sandal is regarded as one of the most comfortable products. If you are planning to do hiking or river walking in flip flops, then there can nothing be better than Sanuk Yogi. It will make you feel like walking on an actual Yoga mat. The surface will accommodate you ideally with a remarkably soft and squishy surface. These flip flops offer a sleek design enhancing your walking or running experience.
  • Chaco Flip EcoTread
    These are one of the most durable sandals ever produced. This product is highly comfortable being light weighted and supportive. It offers a monochromatic design. If you are a water sport lover, then there can be nothing better than these sandals. People loving rafting, canoeing and kayaking can avail this product to increase comfortability. The toughness it offers is incredible. However these sandals are not the best choice for just simply hanging out. Nevertheless, these sandals are relatively inexpensive. If you are going for cheaper sandals then Chaco will do the job.

These were some of the sandals which are highly recommendable by the users and other authorities as well. However, your criteria for choosing a sandal must be clear. Be sure about what you want. Whether you prioritize comfort or design? There are sandals which are absolutely perfect in all manners. Being a combination of comfort, style, durability, stability and traction.

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  1. fenwick says:

    What are your thoughts about wearing socks with sandals?

    1. Martin Rathfelder says:

      Personally I think it’s wrong.

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