Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in human body. In fact, it is the most abundant peptide ingredient of human body, responsible for softness and elasticity of body tissues. You can find type 1 collagen virtually everywhere, from skin cells to bones, muscle tissues, and in the protective lining of internal organs. Its functions include providing elasticity and softness to the skin and other internal organs. Furthermore, the protein also has immunological functions by cleaning the dead cells from the body consistently.

Obtainable sources

Collagen is responsible for bone and joint strength. However, with age, the natural secretion of this protein tends to decrease, showing up as symptoms such as wrinkles, skeletal legs, and parched skin. This is the reason why it is also well-known as an anti aging product where lab prepared collagen is injected or applied to wrinkled areas as an absorbent lotion. One can also take it from diet sources such as gelatin, bone broths, and hydrolyzed supplements. Are collagen peptides really helpful? The answer may be found in the way you are using it. For instance, the injection type is designed to work only at a specific region of the cells, much like botox.

Which one is best?

It may be helpful, but it is always best to take it through diet for a uniform distribution across the body. After all, the wrinkles that are visible on your face symbolize its deficiency throughout your physical system and not only in the facial region. The homogenous distribution should help you to restore your overall vitality instead of a mere cosmetic use at the wrinkled places. About the dietary varieties, consider using the hydrolyzed variant because of its better absorption rate. The gelatin protein sports long amino acid chains that take much longer to metabolize in your system than hydrolyzed collagen with short chains.

Multiple benefits

In fact, the absorption rate of the latter is about 90%, compared to the meager 27% of the former. Apart from the aforementioned anti-aging benefits, it has several other health advantages. Many people report that using it numbs pain sensations at the joints, even helping one to get off the painkillers. Sometimes, doctors also suggest it to patients suffering from weak bone strengths, especially in the fragile bone condition called osteoporosis. Moreover, if your stomach lining has suffered due to acidity problems, collagen is crucial for rebuilding it. In countries like Japan and China, it is believed widely that collagen is crucial in recovering from hair fall and restoring the strength of brittle nails.

Many cosmetic products such as shampoos and nail polishes also consists it as a crucial ingredient. With all these benefits, it is vital to obtain it from a credible online service. Look up a good online provider, where the product is backed by actual scientific facts. It should be a resourceful website, aimed at providing the right information so that customers can take informed decisions on collagen peptides. Visit the page to assess the user experience personally before you place orders for home delivery.

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