Not all classes target the same level of exercise, nor do they all target the same body parts. Some classes aim to strengthen your upper body, some work your glutes, while others give a whole body workout. Talk to the instructor and some of the students to make sure you are in a class that focuses on the areas you want to have worked.

Not everyone’s ability is the same. An exercise that is appropriate for one person may be too easy or too difficult for another person. There are many types of classes available with some having very little strenuous activities during the class. If you are just starting out, one of these might be the right fit. It is best to find a class that matches your health, ability, likes and dislikes. Some exercise programs are designed for everyone while others are specifically developed for advanced students. Ask what age each class targets, what level of ability participants should have, and if there is anyone the program is not appropriate for.

Size of the Class

Students are generally drawn to large classes thinking that the instructor must be great. Sometimes this is the case and sometimes not. The class size might be due to a particularly popular style of exercise being taught in that class, rather than the quality of the instructor. An important thing to note is that bigger classes mean less time and attention for you by the instructor. This can be a big issue especially if you do not know the exercises already, and it is a particularly difficult class. So given a choice, aim for smaller class sizes.

Choosing an Instructor

Your instructor will be your guide, guru, and drill sergeant, so this person needs to be both trained well and vibe with you. You should always ask about the instructor’s training. Instructors do not have to have any specific qualifications but having some are a plus. Now look at the instructor. Is this person fit? Is their physique one you would like? Watch one of the instructor’s classes to see how they how they run their classes. Are they friendly or overbearing? Are they focusing on individual students and providing them with advice specific to their situations and physiques or is there little interaction and just general comments being fired off? You need someone who will get to know you and push you in the ways you need.

First Aid and Safety first

Another important point is whether or not the instructor has a first aid qualification. The basic fitness qualifications do not have first aid as part of the course, so instructors need to do another course to get it. So check if the instructor for the class has a first aid certificate and that the facility has first aid equipment handy.

Always consider safety when doing exercises that challenge your physical abilities and stamina. Today there are extreme classes that aim to push you beyond your limits, so have a clear idea of what your limits are. Make sure that you join the level of class where you can participate fully. If you ever feel lightheaded or that you may have sustained an injury, stop immediately and alert the instructor.

Follow these instructions when looking for an exercise class and you will definitely end up with the right one to get you fit!

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