There are many of us who might suffer from some sort of mental health issues to a varying degree and there are still plenty of aspects we don’t really understand, although we are now in a climate of improved awareness.

This means that there are more self-help options available now than ever before, including some mobile methods that can soothe you wherever and whenever you need it.

Here is a look at some useful apps, including one that taps into the benefits of CBT and a childhood activity that is proving popular with stressed-out adults. There is also an overview of an app that works on improving your sleep patterns plus details of an anxiety management option to download on your smartphone.

Accessible therapy

Some mental health issues are more complex than others and might require some professional intervention as part of your healing process, but there are some apps that can help you to cope with things like depression, anxiety disorders and other issues that you might be trying to contend with.

A method of treatment that has come to the forefront in recent years is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and there are some apps like MoodKit which aim to cover most of the bases surrounding the general concepts of CBT.

You can use the app in conjunction with working alongside a therapist and it teaches you self-monitoring and encourages you to engage in mood-enhancing activities.

Coloring can make you happy

There has also been a real surge in popularity for adult coloring books and it is perfectly understandable when you start to list some of the health and psychological benefits attached to this activity.

If you think back to your childhood you will most likely have some happy thoughts of time spent drawing and coloring your favorite characters and pictures, and you can tap into these positive emotions by returning to this popular pastime.

You can even get a coloring book app on Google Play so that you can improve your mood with an activity that has been used to help with anxiety and other stress-related disorders.

A good sleep is always important

You can’t really expect to function at 100% when you are not enjoying a regular and restful sleep pattern.

To combat this problem there is an app called Sleep that aims to help you improve your sleeping patterns. It uses a combination of CBT methods together with some other customizable programs and even has a virtual sleep expert to consult when you need some pointers on how to get the sleep you need each night.

SAM can help with anxiety management

SAM is the acronym for self-help anxiety management and this is an app that is designed to help anyone suffering from anxiety.

You can self-evaluate your current mood and level of anxiety using this app, and SAM is an app aimed at trying to help you look at things more calmly and patiently, working through any issues in baby steps rather than giant leaps. You should also see progress being made as it records where you are at on the road to recovery.

If you want to improve your mental health issues and work your way through some specifics, there is bound to be an app that can help you with that.

Harvey Woods is a therapist who writes about self-care and managing our feelings and thoughts in today’s fast-paced world where stress is the norm.

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