Vacations are going on. The weather is pleasant, and your wife and kids want to spend quality time in a park. Your kids insist you on going outside, but you do not have any other option than to refuse. Why? The answer is allergies. Due to high pollen, or a greater proportion of dust in the air, you can only be out of the house for a short period. In allergic individuals, the immune system identifies these harmless substances as threats producing inappropriate responses. However, allergies are not at all desired. Every person wants to defeat the allergies infused in them. Below we list five simple methods that will help you get rid of the unwanted allergies:

  • Remain Indoor

It is not practically possible spending the rest of your life surrounded by walls only. But try to limit your time outdoors as much as you can to avoid the allergic consequences. If you are allergic to pollen grains in the air, during spring’s trees releases innumerable of them that you are going to breathe them boosting your allergic reaction. Substances like pollens or dust particles can be prevented using appropriate equipment like glasses or masks to keep them out of contact. Once you are inside the house, take a shower and change clothes so that you do not bring allergic substances into the home. To remain safe even indoor, protect your indoor air. You can buy and install an HEPA air purifier to refine and cleanse the air.

  • Take Medicine

Antihistamines can be used to block body’s response to allergies. Nasal sprays can be used for more severe allergies. However regular allergy medication can be complemented with other remedies like:

  • Cup of peppermint tea
  • Chamomile tea
  • Green tea and drinks based on it
  • Herbal supplements
  • Pycnogenol
  • Eat Healthy

Diet, diet and diet. A healthy diet ensures a healthy life. Studies prove that people taking the maximum number of fruits, vegetables and nuts have fewer allergy symptoms. Improper eating habits will ruin your body systems. Having a proper diet is a critical factor in kerbing calories. However, it must be noted that this advice is not applicable to people with specific food allergies.

  • Go Natural

Keep your home clean and natural. Your allergic symptoms can be aggravated by disturbing chemicals used in your houses. Encourage the use of natural laundry detergents to minimise the risk of allergies. Adopt fundamental techniques. Apart from these prevent synthetic and precisely harmful substances that might trigger your allergies worsening it. For example, avoid cigarette smoke and other toxic fumes. Prefer going to smoke-free zones wherever you visit.

  • Reduce Stress

It does not seem so, but pressure is directly proportional to the frequency of allergic attacks. If you take excessive pressure throughout the day, it might damage your immune system. The immune system is supposed to take care of your health primarily. If the immune system is weak, there is the higher tendency of allergic reactions. If you learn how to control stress, it will help you to live without allergies.

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