According to recent statistics, a whopping 40% of all adults are afflicted with snoring problems. This is a major issue that can affect many areas of your life, especially if you’re in a couple. However, there are a few things everybody can do if they want to stop snoring completely. Here are five simple tips everybody can apply to correct their snoring habit.


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Lose Weight

One of the biggest reasons people snore is because they have a large neck circumference. As a matter of fact, people who have a neck larger than 16” are more at risk. The smaller the circumference, the lesser the risk of fat collapsing on your air pathways during sleep. If you’re overweight and have a snoring problem, consider losing a few pounds to see if things improve.

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

One of the many effects of alcohol is that it relaxes your airways. While this may sound good at first, it may have disastrous effects on snoring. When your airways are relaxed, it actually worsens the situation and may increase these episodes. If you want to stop them, you should definitely decrease your alcohol consumption and refrain from drinking alcohol four hours before you go to sleep.

Consider Investing in a Mouthpiece

If you’re happily married and want to keep things that way, you could save your marriage with a stop-snoring mouthpiece! Mouthpieces are great for people who suffer from snoring issues; they work by aligning your jaw or holding your tongue in the proper position to let the air pass through. Stop snoring mouthpieces are one of the most efficient ways to stop and are very affordable, so you should definitely consider investing in one if your situation is severe.  Marriage counseling may be something you need to explore with as well.

Watch Your Medication

Some medication may actually worsen your situation. In some cases, sedatives and even anti histamines can have a relaxing effect on the muscles of your throat, causing air to be obstructed during sleep. The result will be increased bouts of snoring, especially during deep sleep phases. Ask your doctor if they can provide non sedative alternatives to the medication you’re using.

Check if You’re Suffering from Allergies

In some cases, allergies might be the reason why you have a problem. And often, allergies or allergens in the air are the last thing people think about when trying to stop snoring. Everyone should get tested for allergies to see if they might be at cause.

Allergens in the air such as dust mites, bedding particles, pet hair or even things such as wheat or dairy intolerance may be the reason you have snoring problems, so it’s always better to know your status before you try anything.


If you follow any of the tips in this article, you should be able to significantly reduce snoring episodes. Remember to keep your weight healthy, think about investing in a mouthpiece and check if you have allergies. Also, make sure that you limit your alcohol consumption and stay away from sedatives.

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