Every business owner is always keen to improve their profitability, and to that aim, decisions need to be made on a regular basis as to when and where to invest capital to maintain and improve growth within the company, by giving better conditions to workers to remain healthy.

While it is understandable to think about equipment, point of sales systems or technology, one of the best and most important ways to increase productivity is to ensure your staff are properly looked after and motivated.

The good news is that one of the solutions to this problem is relatively cheap, in fact ignoring the problem could actually prove to be a very expensive mistake. Ensuring that your staff are properly hydrated can have a huge impact on their productivity, and by simply providing easy access to quality chilled water their productivity levels will be maintained throughout the course of the working day.


All this information comes from a study by Water Logic and lays out some of the many benefits that regular consumption of water brings, so let’s look at some of those benefits.

The Benefits Of Maintaining Proper Hydration

The average human body Is anywhere between 50 to 65% water, and it is vital to ensure that the amount of water in the body is constantly topped up. Here are some interesting facts and figures relating to the importance of maintaining good water levels in your body.

  • Even A Small Drop In Hydration Can Have Dramatic Effects – In terms of productivity, a one percent drop in hydration can cause a twelve percent drop in productivity, and perhaps even more shockingly if dehydration levels drop three to four percent, then productivity can drop to almost fifty percent.
  • Energy, Focus, and Brainpower – Everyone has experienced situations where they are slightly dehydrated, perhaps on a hot summers day. Think back to those situations and you might recall the feeling of lethargy, lack of motivation and decreased energy levels. Feeling this way is not conducive to being productive, so imagine if even fifty percent of your workforce are a little dehydrated. The drop in productivity company-wide could be very significant.
  • Less Confrontation – People who are dehydrated are much more prone to mood swings, which again can cause arguments and disputes within the workplace. This can cause long terms problems within the organization and is counter-productive to team working.
  • Beneficial to Headaches and Migraines – In an office environment where people are spending a lot of time in front of computer screens, many staff suffer from headaches or even worse, migraines. Many scientists believe that a lack of hydration can be one factor that exacerbates this situation.

How Can An Employer Try To Encourage Proper Hydration Levels Within Their Organization

The daily recommended quantity of water that people should drink daily is about 2 liters daily. As an employer, it is obviously not an option to force your staff to consume that quantity of water, but by providing the right facilities, and with a little bit of education, you will be surprised how many people will change their habits.

Install A Water Cooler – Water coolers are not an expensive investment, but by providing easy access to one on every floor within your company, staff are much more likely to make use of them. Particularly on warm days, the cool and refreshing water will quickly become popular, and hopefully, you will notice an increase in staff productivity, health, and wellness.

Education – Not everyone will understand the full benefits of drinking adequate levels of water, some may feel that coke, coffee or tea will suffice. In reality, caffeine which is contained within any of the above drinks is a leading cause of dehydration. Ideally, nobody should drink more than four cups of tea or coffee a day. Placing posters around the workplace explaining these benefits will help people to understand the importance of water, and might even encourage further healthy habits.

By looking after staff in the workplace, and providing them with adequate facilities to maintain their hydration levels any company will reap many benefits. Workers are likely to remain more alert, productive and healthy. There will be a decreased risk of damaging confrontation between staff, and less time lost to sickness.

Thinking things through logically this is an opportunity for companies to drastically increase productivity, for a very low investment. In many ways, this is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Staff will feel healthier, happier and more motivated, and as a consequence, business will become more productive and in the long term much more profitable, whiuch goes to show making worker health and welfare a priority everyone benefits.

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