Now that the election has come and gone, a new president is set to enter the oval office come January. With this change in power it is expected that all kinds of changes and reforms will take place across many industries and sectors. Of course, a big point of contention during the election was in regards to medical care. Those who work in the dental field are now left wondering what this new presidency will bring to their industry.

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The Questions Begin

It’s only natural that those who practice in the dental field, as well as patients, are now asking questions about what Trump will mean for them. Top dental offices such as Pacific Dental Center stand ready to integrate any and all changes, but until Trump takes office it’s hard to know what those changes will entail specifically.

If you are someone who has dental insurance, it’s quite natural to be left wondering if this same dental insurance will still exist. As of right now there is no evidence to suggest that Trump would do away with dental insurance, nor would he make any sweeping changes to how it is gotten and what it covers.

What some experts are anticipating is that there may be small changes that allow “flexibility” for the insurance companies due to roll backs of medical related provisions. Thanks to this flexibility the idea is that these companies can start to craft additional plans that provide you with more options to choose from. Perhaps you may even find you get a “better fit” where your plan is concerned.

A Little Talked About Issue

While there were a number of big hot-topic issues during the election cycle, dental care was not one that came up. What’s interesting though is that this is an industry that will grow more and more important as the population continues to age, and requires more medical attention – including dental. People have been vocal about the fact that there seems to be more and more out-of-pocket expenses and they are looking towards Trump to tackle this issue head on now.

While it’s bad enough that adults are going without proper dental care due to costs, it is also affecting children who are getting little to no dental care at all. Pediatric dental care is deemed as an “essential benefit” under the majority of insurance plans, but it’s not all across the board. There also seems to be some problems having that coverage actually met, making it unreliable.

Proper dental care doesn’t just lead to healthy smile it affects a person’s entire body. A simple tooth infection if left untreated can turn into a serious medical emergency, and even death in extreme cases. It’s an issue that hasn’t yet gotten enough attention according to many.

Wait and See

For the time being Americans will need to sit tight and take the wait and see approach. Trump is sure to make a large number of changes, whether or not dental care will be among those changes is still left to be seen.


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