With all of the advances in today’s level of dental care it’s hard to believe that dental problems could actually be on the rise, but that’s exactly the case where children are concerned. Sarasota Dentistry is one of many offices all around the country who are seeing an increase of dental problems in children, and helping to get the message out there.

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What are the Common Dental Problems

In order to understand why dental problems are on the rise among children, it’s important to take a look at what these problems are. Dentists are seeing large amounts of cavities in children as well as tooth decay. Kids are even suffering from gum disease, something that is typically associated with adults. Parents are now walking out of dental offices surprised when they hear their child has the start of gingivitis or multiple cavities, where in fact this is becoming the norm.

We are all quick to point the finger at “junk food” and sugar, but there are actually a number of contributing factors that parents and kids need to be aware of.

A Look at the Causes

In order to help prevent dental problems from starting in the first place, parents need to be aware of the common causes that lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities.

We all know that foods high in sugar will eat away at our teeth, but so do carbohydrates. Both of these are typically found in snack foods. Think about how many times a child snacks in a day, there’s a good chance they aren’t brushing their teeth after each snack! This is just asking too much so instead it is recommended you opt for healthy snacks for children whenever possible.

Some issues start to happen when children are still babies. Baby bottle tooth decay is now a very common problem. This happens when a baby is sucking on a bottle for a long period of time that contains something sugary. Their teeth are actually in contact with that sugar, which causes the rot to begin.

Some children seem to lose their baby teeth very early and this in itself can lead to issues down the road. If they have lost the tooth due to rot or decay, it can affect the permanent tooth.

Lip sucking, thumb sucking, and tongue thrusting are habits you can find in many children. All of these are habits result in putting pressure against the child’s front teeth. Over time these teeth can start to become loose and then fall out of alignment with each other. Because they are habits, they are often hard to break and take time and consistency on the parent’s part.  You may do better if you have the best baby gear.

Keeping them Healthy

While it’s impossible to prevent all issues from happening, there are certainly steps parents can take to help cut down on the amount of dental problems their child may have. Steps such as proper teeth brushing, flossing, and choosing foods that are low in sugar, as well as regular dental check-ups are recommended so problems can be spotted before they become serious.

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