Fighting fires is a dangerous job: there’s smoke to worry about, the possibility of personal injury and the stress that comes along with saving lives and structures.

But one of the biggest dangers that firefighters face is the possibility of a heart attack.

Along with all of the other things that firefighters must take into account, they should also think about staying fit. Starting and sticking with a healthy regimen of exercise can not only help firefighters be more effective at their duties, but can also do wonders for their body. Here are a few health tips that can help prevent heart attacks and other diseases.


Eat Right

Many times, firefighters are responsible for cooking for each other on long shifts. When you eat healthy, you give your body a head-start with combating many health problems, such as heart disease. You give your body the nutrients it needs without bogging it down with fat and grease that can clog arteries and cause other major problems.

Make sure to include a lot of vegetables in your diet: they posses many vitamins and nutrients that promote great health. Also, don’t overdo it when you eat. Eat just enough to feel full rather than eating as much as you can in one sitting. This will help your body digest the food easier and make better use of the nutrients.

Protein is important to, so eat healthy proteins like pork, fish or chicken rather than red meat.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is a key component to a fit lifestyle. Many firefighters already have a fitness regimen they follow, but if you don’t, here are some tips.

Try to get your heart rate up for at least a half an hour two to three times a week. This will strengthen your heart and promote good blood flow throughout your body.

Exercise also helps you lungs function better. Many firefighters are exposed to dangerous materials on the job and can contract serious diseases, like mesothelioma. Exercise can help fight this, but if you or someone you know has been diagnosed, visit for more information.

By exercising, you not only help keep your heart fit, but you also prepare yourself for tough jobs that may require more physical exertion than you are used to.

Avoid Bad Habits

Heart attacks have several causes, but bad habits could be listed as a major factor in all of them.

In order to keep your heart healthy, avoid smoking and excessive drinking. Both of these habits place more stress on your heart than normal and can weaken its ability to function. Also, avoid too many salty or fatty snacks. These can promote artery blockage, which will lessen the amount of blood to your body, putting even more undue stress on your heart. Finally, avoid sitting for too many hours in a day. Even if you don’t exercise vigorously, get up and walk around ever so often.

Firefighters face more dangerous than smoke and flame, so stay healthy…your heart will thank you.

Abigail Houghton works in the medical profession and is married to a firefighter. She enjoys using her knowledge of both areas to write article topics for an online audience.

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