Laser hair treatment is quickly gaining popularity at a rate that is much higher than what many anticipated. This is quite normal since we are faced with so many associated advantages. However, the knowledge about this topic is definitely not as high as many believe. There are many different things that you will not know much about. This is what we will be focused on by mentioning some really important facts about laser hair removal. For more, be sure that you check out

Will Laser Hair Removal Work For You?

This is obviously the most important question for those that consider getting laser hair removal done. Technically speaking, all people will be treatable if the skin and the hair can withstand laser intensity. Modern technology means that laser intensity can now be adjusted. However, lower intensities will sometimes bring in results that are slowed down.

Laser hair removal does not have results that are guaranteed. The procedure will normally be much more effective with light skin and dark hair. It is important to talk to the doctor in order to be sure that the procedure can be used in your case.

Are You A Good Candidate?

There is a pretty good possibility that you will be a good candidate for laser hair removal. The younger patients are the ones that are normally not good candidates since puberty constantly produces new hair follicles and hair. The procedure should only be taken into account if the body is no longer facing the accelerated growth cycle. Age should be considered since only those that are 18 or older can be taken into account by the doctors. At the same time, remember that your doctor will have to check you before laser hair removal is done.

Advantages When Compared To Waxing

Waxing is the most used hair removal method at the moment. However, laser hair removal brings in 2 really important advantages you need to know about:

  • Longer results
  • Fewer treatments

You need to go through monthly maintenance when you choose waxing. In every session the hair needs to be long enough. Through laser hair removal you have the huge advantage of getting all done a lot faster. In most situations you are going to have to go through 4 to 8 treatment sessions in order to get the permanent results you are looking for. If your main interest is to reduce hair presence, a maximum of three appointments are necessary.

Will Laser Hair Removal be Permanent?

Cumulative and gradual reduction is going to be seen over the course of many treatments. Hair will grow back between the sessions but it will always be a lot less than before. It will also be lighter and finer. You will have to go through a higher number of treatments if hair is light-coloured or fine.

The good news is that most of the laser hair removal clients will be able to permanently get rid of most of the hair. This means around 8 treatments. Near-removal reduction is also a possibility. The hair could grow back since lasers do not affect the dormant follicles. Even so, the results are much better than what you would get with other treatments.

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