Testosterone is a hormone that is being produced by the male reproductive system. Normally, it will start to decline starting from middle age. Decreased testosterone can lead to lower mood level, problems with the reproductive organs and not being able to focus. High testosterone seldom happens on men and it is much rarer than low levels. Sometimes, a man can experience high testosterone because he is suffering from diseases like hyperthyroidism.

Anabolic steriods, a steroid drug frequently used by athlete to improve their performance is one of the factors that contribute to the production of excess testosterone. Taking the steroid can cause prostate cancer where there are tumor growth on the testicles. It can also cause tumors in your liver and infertility. Too much testosterone can cause damages to the chest tissues and cause the patient to have an enlarged heart.


One of the common symptoms of high testosterone in men is acne outbreak on the skin. You may suddenly develop an acne rash on your face, back and chest. Acne can occur when the pores of your skin have been blocked by a substance called sebum. If you are suffering from acne, you can get the acne cream from over the counter and apply it on your skin.

Another symptom is that it can cause the person to develop baldness. Men will develop male pattern baldness as a result of the hair follicles shrinking and eventually become dormant. The new hair growth will grow thinner gradually until no more hair will come out on the bald area.

Men with excessive testosterone can be in a state of bad mood most of the time. The person may be aggressive and always hostile in his attitude towards others. The Penn State University once carried out a research that shows men with higher testosterone will have a better health if they can control themselves and stay away from bad behaviors. The aggressiveness can cause the person to not be able to think clearly and act in impulse which results in making the wrong decision.

Excess testosterone can increase the production of red blood cells in men. When the production of red blood cells is increased, there is a higher chance that the patient will suffer from diseases like strokes and heart disease. You have to monitor the hemacrite level if you are facing excess red blood cells count in your blood system.

There is a chance that you are suffering from a high level of testosterone if you experienced these symptoms recently. To find out if you have an imbalance testosterone level, it is recommended that you undergo a Low T or low testosterone test. It only costs a few dollars to get yourself tested for the hormone level. If you have taken the test before and believe that you have been wrongly diagnosed, you can retake the test.

The Low T test includes testing the testosterone hormones that are bound and not bound to proteins in blood. By taking the test, you will know whether you suffer from health problems such as PCOS and ovarian tumors. This prevents you from delaying and take immediate action to seek treatment for your health problems.

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