All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so the saying goes, but it could also be All work and no play makes Jack a sick boy. It is recognised that too much of the former and not enough of the latter can have a detrimental effect on human health.

The importance of the work-life balance

But why is a work-life balance so important? Because being overworked can increase your stress levels, making you tired and irritable with those around you and will ultimately decrease your productivity, so that you are working harder but achieving less. It could also mean that you are neglecting your physical health, spending more hours slumped in front of a computer than you should and eating unhealthy snacks and fast food.

Stress levels that are high for too long will almost certainly make you unwell eventually. Common signs of stress are headaches, high blood pressure, skin disorders and depression, to name just a few symptoms. Any of these can necessitate days off work, which will not please your employer and perhaps put you under more stress. If it is your employer’s demands that are making you work too hard, then it is time to have a chat and explain that your targets are not achievable in the timeframe given, or that you need help to meet the deadline. More often than not, an employer will understand and accommodate your needs.

An accident can also have you struggling to keep a balance between your work and your personal life. If mobility is an issue and you have trouble climbing the stairs at your place of work, you could find yourself at your desk and working through lunch rather than getting out of the office, simply because getting around is too difficult. Enquire whether your desk could be sited on the ground floor for the duration, or even whether you could work at home while you recover.

If your accident happened at work and was preventable had some safety protocols been in place, then you should take it up with your employer to receive some form of compensation. If they are unwilling to cooperate and you feel you have a case, then you have a form of redress by calling an accident lawyers helpline, who will be able to tell you where you stand legally.

If you do find that you are spending more time at work than is good for you and your personal life is suffering because of it, you could ask your employer if they would consider flexible working. Often, flexible working means you work more productively, because you are not wasting time on a rush-hour commute and have been able to carry out your personal responsibilities, if you are a carer for example.

It is important to get the balance between work life and personal life correct. Not only will this ensure that when you are at work, your boss is getting more out of you, but you will be healthier in both mind and body.

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