Makeup is a woman’s best friend. No woman can imagine a life without makeup. There are variations in the amount of makeup each woman uses but, a woman without makeup is like a cake without sugar.

Makeup has always been taken as something that harms the skin. It might have been true in the past, but with the changing times, makeup industry has progressed a lot. Studies and researches are done regularly to come up with products that give out best results and are beneficial for the skin.

Let it be a primer, foundation, BB cream or lip balm, everything contains the best ingredients that promise a ravishing result and also nourish the skin.

With the increasing competition in the market and every product promising to leave your skin better than before, it gets difficult to choose from. Here is a list to know of particular ingredients that famous makeup products of good quality contain and that is beneficial for the skin. If these ingredients are listed among the top three ingredients, the product is worth slipping into your makeup collection.

Vitamin C

Just like it is useful to gulp down a glass of orange juice in the morning, Vitamin C is equally beneficial for your skin. It helps keeping the skin Collagen intact which results in a fresh looking, young and healthy skin. It also banishes dark spots and corrects the damages caused by exposure to the sun. Vitamin C also acts as an anti oxidant and helps in stopping the harmful changes that are caused by the free radicals that enter the skin.

Vitamin C is perishable so make sure to buy a product that you intend to use within a month. Also keep it away from heat and sunlight at it weakens it.

Copper peptides

Copper peptides manoeuvre the collagen production of the skin and thus result in a tighter, firmer and younger looking skin. Products that are rich with copper peptides boast of giving your face a complete lift. This is however far from true. No product can replace the surgical results of a face lift.


The natural collagen in the skin is responsible for a plump looking tighter skin. When the skin starts losing collagen, it starts sagging and ages. Different foundations in the market boast of being collagen enriched that may be sufficient to give the skin same young and tight look. Nothing can beat the nature. Same goes for this. The artificial collagen might be good enough to fill in the fine lines and give the skin an overall smooth look, but it cannot penetrate the skin and replace the natural collagen.


Kombucha is relatively a new ingredient and is said to be made up of fermented tea and is known to be packed with antioxidants. With so many benefits, more and more products are being made having Kombucha in them. The antioxidants help in keeping the skin firm and fresh.


This is a new product and hasn’t been studied well. Studies show resveratrol to be a heart healthy ingredient that is present in red wine. With its anti aging qualities gaining popularity, it is becoming common in more cosmetic products.

There are websites that give information regarding famous makeup items containing ingredients that improve the skin and give out excellent results.  It is better to be sure about a product before using it.

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  1. claremcfeely says:

    I can imagine a life without makeup. I don’t understand why this advert for a make up review site fits with the aims of the SHA.

  2. Martin Rathfelder says:

    We are not responsible for the adverts. They just pay to keep the site going. We don’t knowingly advertise anything harmful, but I don’t think make up is harmful. But the line ” a woman without makeup is like a cake without sugar” is rather wonderful.

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