There is a common misconception that in order to develop a muscular physique, you need to hit the gym at least five days a week. If you want a super ripped body, then a gym membership is probably going to help you hit your goal. However, the truth is that gym membership is not essential, particularly if you are a novice.

Press up

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If your goal is to build some muscle mass so you look hot on the beach, body weight exercises and some free weights will do the trick. More serious body builders’ use Focus Performance supplements to improve muscle gain and aid recovery, but to begin with, you can start your training program with some simple body weight exercises.

The Plank

The Plank is a tough exercise to master, but once you can hold a plank for at least 30 seconds, your abs are well on the way to being rock hard. The Plank is painful when done correctly, but it is the best way to build core strength, particularly in the lower back. Once you have great abs, your next goal is to shift the fat so other people can actually see them.

Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups

Pull-ups and chin-ups can be done using a door frame or on a kid’s climbing frame. You start from a hanging position and then slowly lift your body weight until you touch the bar or frame with your chin. The movements need to be controlled and slow to gain the maximum benefit. With pull-ups your palms face away; with chin-ups your palms face towards you.


Squats are not as easy as they first appear. Stand with your feet apart and your arms stretched out. Drop slowly, bending at the knee and pushing your hips back. Keep your head up and your back straight before moving back into an upright position. You can make the exercise harder by adding weights. You can also move from the squat position into a star jump, and then repeat.


Push-ups are great for the upper body and core. If you find regular pus-ups too difficult at first, perform the exercise against a wall or kitchen worktop. The technique is the same, except you are not pushing your full body weight. Once you have cracked the push-up and it feels way too easy, progress to one-arm push-ups or start clapping in between push-ups.

Bicep Curls

To perform a bicep curl, you need a dumbbell or heavy object. Sit down and rest one hand on your knee whilst holding the dumbbell in the other hand. Slowly flex your bicep as you lift the weight. For best results, combine with triceps extensions.

All of these exercises can be performed at home or in a hotel room, with no equipment. A small set of weights is useful for the biceps and triceps exercises, but you can easily substitute heavy objects around the home in place of weights if necessary. The important thing is to be consistent and work out regularly. That way you will see better results.

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