Video of our meeting in Liverpool on 27th September

Barbara Keeley MP

Professor Caroline Glendinning

Simon Cramp’s speech on Learning disability and social care

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  1. Are you posting Simon Duffy’s talk? He and I spoke at the Westminster Symposium in Choice for Intentional Community (check Rescare website or Camphill Research Network for refreshing, cost effective communities. The solution is not simply more funding. Rather it is taking a look at the fear-based social services culture where specialism in learning disability, my area of expertise, has been obliterated by huge safeguarding teams. This has been also used by asset-stripping proving managers, like those of the Camphill Village Trust, to abuse the vagueness of so-called safeguarding to get rid of world leaders in this field. The example most in need of our attention for this discussion is Botton Village. Here was a sustainable model for the future of social care. Not popular with liberal , left wing social workers who have refused to work in partnership with families since the closure of the mental handicap hospitals. That’s why Rescare was founded, now the foremost lobbying group for the right to choose community. North Yorks Tory MP Robt Goodwill denounced the embattled co workers as “socialists” has formed an unprincipled alliance with leftish social workers to all but destroy a model that is proven to give families peace of mind and save money. But the abuse of safeguarding by CVT’s HR former Young Conservative has resulted not only in the loss of the highly skilled workforce but also in the rocketing rates of obesity and mental health problems since 2010. Do contact me via Rescare Stockport if you can help. There’s an agreed press blackout since Private Eye exposed the unfolding tragedy. Rescare is free to speak and we are needing new allies, including the wonderful man from the north of Ireland who spoke at the Bristol meeting where I joined your wonderful organisation. Thank you. ☮️☮️☮️

  2. Martin Rathfelder says:

    Sadly my camera ran out of power before Simon’s talk – but he has already committed his ideas to writing

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