“We will end health service privatisation and bring services into a secure, publicly-provided NHS. We will integrate the NHS and social care for older and disabled people, funding dignity across the board and ensure parity for mental health services.” 

Jeremy Corbyn’s vision for the NHS will reverse the marketisation of health, integrate social care and improve staff morale to build a high quality, public and universal NHS free at the point of delivery. 

Bringing our NHS back into public hands 

We will bring our NHS back into public hands. Scotland and Wales have reversed marketisation and restored their NHS without massive upheaval – England can too.  

We will introduce legislation to not just repeal the Health and Social Care Act, but that will unpick the 25 years of marketisation, end the purchaser-provider split and return the NHS to an accountable public service run in the public interest.  

Sustainable funding by tackling the private sector involvement in our NHS 

The Government continues to sign off new Private Finance Initiatives which are a large drain on NHS resources and creates financial destabilisation in the system, staff shortages and cutbacks. We must tackle this funding crisis and put the NHS back on a long term sustainable funding basis. 

We will use our National Investment Bank to buyout organisations from their PFI schemes, we will not renew PFI contracts and we will investigate establishing a PFI Monitoring Unit to ensure compliance with contracts and to cancel contracts where they are not adhered to.  

Modern, integrated health and social care 

Creating a modern, integrated health and social care system not only means bringing our NHS back into public hands and properly funding it, it also means a system that places importance on public health and establishes parity for mental health and delivers responsive, whole person care.  

We will reverse the damaging cuts to social care and build a social care system that enables independence and puts dignity and human rights at its heart. 

Creating a healthy society  

The aging population and increases in complex healthcare needs mean that we require a system that prioritises prevention of ill health and focuses on the whole person rather than a collection of reactive services that focus on treatment and cure.

That means rebuilding our public health system and placing it centre stage. The Health and Social Care Act ended public health as a responsibility of the NHS – as part of bringing our NHS back into public hands we would reintegrate public health as a responsibility of the NHS. 

Staff are the service 

Morale amongst NHS staff is at rock bottom after six years of chaos and delivering more for less. Staff have experienced real pay cuts – we will abolish the cap on public sector pay increases that has caused this. 

We need to work with the health and social care workforce and their trade unions, properly rewarding them for their hard work and engaging with them about how to improve our services.  

We will ensure that student bursaries for nursing and allied health professionals continue.

Through our commitment to security at work we will end the use of exploitative zero hours contracts, close the loopholes in the statutory minimum wage rates and lift the statutory minimum wage to the Living Wage. 

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  1. Tony Jewell says:

    The re-integration of public health needs careful planning as Local Govt does have a role to play (Health and Wellbeing Boards/Leadership) and there is benefit in having specialist national public health organisations such as Public Health Wales and Public Health England. This is obviously the case for health protection but also health promotion and information/evidence. It is certainly true that NHSE needs to have clear PH accountabilities and all bodies (including employers) need invest in and to promote prevention more.

  2. Gordon Cairns says:

    A great ideal to work for but a hell of a lot of money to find to put into practice and who would pay that . I can see a lot of money going down a massive private company drain to pay off PFI’s at market prices plus a part of interest and pay off private contracts and double fund them contracts for rest of their life within the NHS . I still like the idea don’t get me wrong but with the above and refunding Social Care there’s likely to be some major borrowing needed and who knows what borrowing money rates will be on the world markets in the year 2020 or 2025 or 2030 or even 2050 as taking this stance loses Labour the centre Ground voters we need to win a General Election in todays environment . Oh well we reap what we have sown and we are sowing chaff at the moment with these ultra left wing comments and a prospective leadership who know nothing about economics and taxation or running a Country . And can I say the other candidate is no better at either of those . Two losers if ever you saw them are these the best our party can offer us as leaders .God help us

  3. Unmutual says:

    Does this mean Jeremy Corbyn would stop charities delivering NHS services? Getting charities to deliver NHS services has been an undeniable success.

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