Not everyone has the time to go to the gym or fitness club for regular workouts. Nevertheless, if you want to keep fit, there are other options available now, which do not require you to visit a fitness centre. You can do your fitness workout inside your home, with the aid of advance methodologies such as video streaming and especially created and customised exercise routines based on your fitness level. Termed as on-demand workout, you’ll be able to do your routine anytime, anywhere on various electronic devices, such as an Android tablet, an iPad, Android TV, Smart TV, Kindle Fire tablets, Roku or Xbox 360. On-demand workout providers, such as LesMills, provide free apps that you can download and install on your favourite device. Mind you, these workout routines are developed by health and fitness experts, ensuring that you’ll be able to safely keep fit at home.

On-demand workouts are as rewarding and challenging as the exercises you’ll do in the gym. They are usually about 20-30 minutes long, in a variety of workouts, including core, flexibility, high-intensity interval training, strength and cardio exercises. There are many benefits to be gained from on-demand workouts, some of which are detailed below.

Benefits of working out at home

When you go to the gym, you have to buy gym wear. For one thing, it is a regulation. For another, you do not want to stand out while the other gym goers are in their best gear. Just think how convenient it would be to exercise at home then. You do not have to invest in spiffy gym outfits, which cost money. You can don your old gym clothes and no one would mind. You do not have to worry about matching socks either.

The gym can be a lonely place when you are not working with a personal trainer. It is difficult to know what you are supposed to do and where to start. With on-demand workouts, you can sign, up, select the class you want and enjoy the customised video. Within a short time, usually about half an hour, you will experience the right kind of workout for your level, with the instructor on video working with you directly. It’s like having a personal trainer working one-on-one. The trainer guides you on how and what you should be feeling.

You have a small investment by enrolling in an on-demand class, but you’ll have savings as well. You save on gas, gym wear and gym bag and other fancy things that you might be enticed to buy.

You can focus on your workout and push yourself to the limit when you’re at home. You do not have to contend with distractions you’ll find at a fitness centre. There will be no one rushing you through your routine and no one waiting to use shared equipment, if any. You can enjoy the rest time in full as there are no other people waiting for you.

You’ll save time, too. You do not have to worry about traffic and the commute to the centre. You do not need to wait to use a certain equipment. There’s no waiting for a shower room to be available during peak hours in the gym. Moreover, you do not need to go out during a snowstorm or heavy rain just to exercise. You can be warm and cosy inside your home while doing your routine.

You do not have to go to a fitness centre to exercise as long as you are determined that you want to stay fit and healthy. Your home is an ideal place to do your exercise routine, with both serious and fun benefits. Find the right on-demand workout for you from the customised routines provided by trusted health and fitness centers like LesMills, which is available in several countries, and never miss out on your fitness regimen.


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