You have always done all that you can to try to take the best care of your teeth. Even those with the best of intentions can run into a situation where they have broken or cracked teeth or suffer an accident where they lose one or more teeth.  In situations like this, you may feel anxious about how best to proceed. There are options available to you when it comes to fixing missing teeth, and it is important that you explore these options so you can decide the best course of action. You want to take the time to weigh the benefits of both dental implants and dentures so you can determine what will be right for you.

The Benefits of Implants
Dental implants have become much more popular in recent years as an alternative to traditional dentures. With implants you get a much more reliable alternative than dentures since the implants are placed into your jaw bone where your natural teeth would be. Implants are secured in and created to look natural like your other teeth. You do not have to worry about them ever falling out while you are eating and they are cleaned and treated just as you would your regular teeth.
The Benefits of Dentures
Traditional dentures are also still available and work as a viable option for many people. Not everyone is suitable for dental implant treatment as the process depends heavily on the structure of your jaw bone, the suitable of the bone in your mouth and the health of the teeth around where the implants might be. Traditional dentures have changed considerably over the years and can be a lot more comfortable now than in the past, particularly when they are accurately made and correctly fitted. Dentures can also cost significantly less than implants, something that can play a major role in your decision.  Dentures do require a degree of regular maintenance so you need to take care of them and be more careful with what you eat than with implants, but most people quickly become accustomed to the routine each day.
When you are considering whether or not to get implants or dentures you want to be sure to discuss everything with your dental provider. A clinical dental technician in Manchester can provide you with a complete exam and evaluation and discuss all of the options with you so you can determine what the best course of action is for you to take. Whether you are considering implants or dentures, take the time to go to The Smile Centre so you can get the best treatment possible. The Smile Centre specialises in dentures and other dentistry, and has over twenty-five years of experience to help you make the right decision regarding your teeth.
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