In an interesting development which could have far reaching consequences on the lawsuits regarding Essure, a gynecologist from Baltimore, MD has refrained her patient from using the birth control device in future. Citing it as an “unsafe device”, the gynecologist refrained Leslie – the patient, from using Essure.

Living in the Baltimore area, Leslie is in her late 40’s. Moreover, she is a former policewoman who has remained in good health all her life. Leslie first encountered problems with the device after she had a total hysterectomy. She claims that after using the device for many years, she stopped being herself.

My husband and I have four kids and the pill was affecting my blood pressure so I had the device implanted,” said Leslie.

How Essure affected Leslie

While there are several symptoms which indicate the wrongdoings of Essure, Leslie says that she noticed all of them in her body. Like most of the patients, it was the Internet and not her gynecologist which told Leslie about the dangers of using Essure.

The first time Leslie knew about the harrowing effects of Essure was when she noticed a pain in her abdomen. However, it wasn’t the first time Essure has done damage to her body as shortly after her surgery, Leslie noticed some menopausal symptoms. Still, she says that it was the pain in her abdomen which got her worried.

Much to the dismay of Leslie, her gynecologist refused to believe anything which Leslie had noted from the Internet. In fact, it was only after learning about her post-intercourse bleeding that the gynecologist took her claims seriously.

Upon learning the situation of Leslie, the gynecologist immediately ordered her to undergo a trans-vaginal ultrasound.

Thus, it was only after she saw cervical polyps and a fibrous tumor on the outer side of Leslie’s uterus that the gynecologist succumbed to her demand of removing the birth control device via surgery.

After getting the device removed from her uterus, Leslie then contacted her coworkers who had used Essure. Much to her surprise, the majority of them were having complications after using the medicine. Consequently, Leslie went to a law firm and filed a complaint against the manufacturers of Essure.

I felt 100 percent better after a total hysterectomy – all the pain was gone,” she says.

Some History on Essure

Since being approved by the US Federal and Drug Control Administration in 2002, Essure enjoyed complete domination over the American market. The device was so popular that it led to a merger between Conceptus – the original manufacturer of Essure, and Bayer. According to a survey from Reuters which was carried in 2013, more than half a million American women had used Essure to prevent pregnancy by then.

In addition to its usefulness early on, it was the easy mechanism to insert Essure into the human body which made it popular. Contrary to other popular birth control devices, no cut or anesthesia is required during the insertion of Essure. Moreover, the whole procedure takes only 10 minutes – and could be performed in the office of the physician.

For women who have succumbed to injury after using this device, turning to the legal system is their only chance of getting reparation from Essure manufacturers. More importantly, these patients feel that it is their obligation to aware others regarding the misdemeanors of this device.

Risks of Essure

According to a recent study, from the period of 2002-2015, FDA received more than 5000 complaints relating to the problems of Essure. In the majority of these reports, the symptoms that were frequent were pains, menstrual abnormalities, headache, fluctuations in weight, and device movement.

In addition to the aforementioned complications, one harrowing aspect of the Essure birth control device was the breakage of the device inside the women’s body. In the case of a device breakage, the patient has no option but to undergo a surgery in order to remove the device from her body.

What is Nickel Allergy and how Essure is responsible for it?

According to Leslie, she contracted allergy from nickel after using Essure for three straight years. She used the apple watch for two months before a rash sign on her wrist prompted her to think. Although she immediately refrained from using the watch, it was only two weeks after that the rash sign completely disappeared.

Talking about the connection between Essure and Nickel Allergy, it is the Material of Construction (MOC) of Essure that is responsible for the allergy. A nickel titanium alloy, Essure is inserted in the women’s body. Afterward, the nickel part breaks down into small pieces before spreading. These pieces – in some cases, lead to allergic reactions

Consequently, when the women who have Essure device implanted uses a nickel device, severe allergic reactions follow suit. While the allergic reaction is not fatal – as per a study, it is extremely painful causing extreme distress to the women.

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  1. Julio Novoa says:

    As a primary medical commentator on the Essure Problems Facebook forum representing over 30,000 members, I am happy to read stories like this one regarding the ESSURE device. Based on our surveys, 90% of patients undergoing Essure removal note a complete resolution of symptoms and complaints that began after the Essure device was inserted. Sincerely, Dr Julio Novoa

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