Sleep apnea is a potentially dangerous condition that occurs in individuals who stop breathing frequently during sleep. The person suffering from the condition often isn’t aware of these bouts when breathing ceases, and often snores frequently due to the struggle to get sufficient oxygen into the body. In this case snoring is merely a symptom of a much bigger and much more dangerous condition. The treatment for sleep apnea used to be having the patient attached to a machine that forces the airway to remain open called a CPAP machine. Other interventions such as monitoring of blood oxygen levels using pulse oximetry sensors can supplement any software available with your CPAP machine. This will, in turn, confirm you are receiving the full benefits of the therapy and see the effectiveness of your treatment. Though modern therapies now exist that can help some patients who suffer from a particular version of apnea called Obstructive Sleep Apnea which makes it difficult for the patient to maintain a clear air pathway. Prescription treatments such as Provent are much smaller and more convenient that the heavy and complicated CPAP machinery. Small patches are applied to the nostrils that assist in maintaining airway pressure therefore keeping them open enough for air to easily pass through.

People who travel will find this smaller solution very desirable. It is still really important to maintain contact with your physician as Provent and other more simple solutions for sleep apnea may not be effective for everyone and it is very dangerous for you to leave the condition untreated or improperly treated. Most people find it more comfortable to be free of air hoses and breathing masks when trying to sleep comfortably and the small pads are much more cost effective to keep handy. There is no maintenance necessary and the risk of infections caused by wearing the mask are eliminated since the small nasal pads are disposable and single use.

Technology gets better over time and medical knowledge increases so the mechanisms of the disorder are becoming better understood. So far it appears that many people respond very well to Provent therapies and no longer have need for more dramatic CPAP treatments. The simplicity of this treatment will also ensure much better adherence to the treatment plan than has been experienced with some CPAP users who complain of the awkwardness, discomfort and inability to travel easily with this bulky treatment program.

The important thing when dealing with sleep apnea of every degree and type is the need to keep the patient breathing regularly and without disruption throughout the night. This treatment therapy is clinically tested and proven to be effective in cases that range from very slight to some that are considered severe. The first sign of this condition is often snoring loudly and frequently or that others observe periods of time when breathing seems to stop for no apparent reason. While those suffering from it are not usually aware of these lapses in breathing, they do often feel weak and tired in the morning and rarely feel rested even after a long night of sleep. Sleep apnea is not uncommon and there are many types of treatments available for different symptoms and varying degrees of severity of the condition.

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