Important Reasons to Avoid Them Completely

If you’re like the average person, your diet probably consists of meat, dairy, and plants, but research shows that meat and dairy are not as healthy as once thought, even in moderation. Armed with this knowledge, more people are turning to vegetarian and vegan diets, although each person does it for his or her own reasons. There are several important reasons to consider removing meat and dairy from your diet. For meat only a proper butcher knife will do.

Plant-Based Diets Reduce Inflammation

Research has proven that meat, cheese, and highly processed foods can cause chronic inflammation in some people. Chronic inflammation can best be described as an ongoing feeling of mild pain. In some people, the symptoms become more severe over time and can even be completely debilitating. Chronic pain also has links to severe health issues such as diabetes, heart attack, and stroke, among others. People who switch to a plant-based diet often find their symptoms lessen or disappear completely. This is because plants are natural anti-inflammatories that provide lots of fiber and antioxidants.

Meat and Dairy Are Hard to Digest

Many people have dairy allergies and don’t even realize it, and others are simply lactose intolerant. In both situations, dairy causes the digestive system to become inflamed and may even lead to irritable or inflamed bowel disorders. When your body tries to digest meat, it must release more acid into the stomach than it does with plants, which can cause acid reflux. Increasing probiotics and fiber may help, but completely cutting out meat and dairy is a better option.

You Could Get Kidney Stones or Gallstones

Protein is essential for your body to function, but receiving too much of it from meat can cause you to get kidney stones, gallstones, or even to develop kidney disease. Too much protein leaches calcium from your bones, which can then form stones. Kidney stones and gallstones can become very painful and sometimes require surgery. Too much protein can also make your kidneys become overworked and diseased. This is especially possible if there is a history of kidney disease in your family. In this case, it is even more important to avoid meat and dairy products.

Meat and Dairy Can Cause Heart Disease

Meat and dairy products are responsible for much of the saturated fat and cholesterol you have in your system. When too much of either one builds up, it can cause your arteries to become clogged, requiring your heart to work harder and possibly leading to a heart attack. People who switch to plant-based diets often find they have lower levels of cholesterol and saturated fat in their systems.

Plant-Based Diets Help You Stay at a Healthy Weight

Nearly 30 percent of the world’s population is overweight or obese, but because vegetarians and vegans naturally consume fewer calories, they weigh an average of 10 to 20 pounds less than meat and dairy eaters do. In fact, meat eaters are about three times more likely to be overweight or obese.

Meat Contributes to Environmental Pollution and Climate Change

60 billion animals are killed for food purposes each year, and the resulting waste is the largest cause of water and topsoil pollution in the world. Studies show that more than half of global greenhouse emissions are a result of animal agriculture. When the carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane mix, they become responsible for changes in the climate and lead to the depletion of natural resources.

You Will Help to Create a Better Future for Younger Generations

By eating a plant-based diet to take care of yourself and your planet, you help to ensure you’re around to see your children and grandchildren thrive. You are also doing your part to ensure there are still natural resources available for future generations to survive.

Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have to Be Tasteless

When many people think of eating a plant-based diet, they imagine night after night of tasteless salads and no dessert. In reality, progress in the way companies produce their products means there are plenty of delicious options for vegans and vegetarians. Once company making headway in food technology is hamptoncreek. Their products include mayonnaise, cookies, and cookie dough, with many more options in the works. Their products are all plant-based, and fans rave about the taste.

Whether it is because you would like to have a healthier body or a healthier planet, it is hard to deny the benefits of swapping out your beef and cheese for plant-based products instead. As with any diet change, you should talk to your doctor about your body’s individual needs before embarking on the journey to vegetarianism or veganism.

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  1. jcashbyblog says:

    I am assuming you have not read the latest Atkins research from Johns Hopkins (Eric Kossoff) which contradicts most of what you have written?

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